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Price of MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hombre13, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I dunno that much about weed, I am fairly new to it. But I know a friend that wants to buy a qp of medical from some guy he knows for 1350. Is that a good deal or is he getting ripped off?
  2. lol What makes it medical? Its not like its a strain.
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    I was browsing and saw this post and it prompted me to join this forum. Yes, in my opinion you are being taken advantage of. Although it does depend on where you live, and how dry the suppliers are. On average where I am from it costs around that price for a pound. A QP goes for about 400-450. A lot of times people who ask to buy large amounts of marijuana from someone they don't know all that well tend to get "beat" or robbed for their money. Also a little tid bit if you plan on selling this marijuana, if you casual dime lick who you don't know very well, just well enough to know he's not a cop, all of a sudden asks you for an ounce and you know he didn't just come up with this money out of nowhere. It's probably a trap. Just watch out.

    I am against the sale of illegal drugs and do not suggest you selling the evil deadly dangerous drug marijuana!

    Don't ask me where I'm from

  4. Where are you from?
  5. Haha, Funny :cool:
  6. A QP of mids or Beasters might only be $400-$450, but you'd be hard pressed to get prices like that on true Cali Med-Grade.

    The local Humboldt Clubs buy from patients at $800-$900 a QP and then retail at $1000-$1200 a QP.
  7. Yeah, because we really want to track you down...

    And to the TC, yeah, $1350 for a QP is waaay too expensive. That's almost $340/oz. if you break it down. That's trippin'.
  8. I live in cali which I heard is one of the more expensive places so that would be a factor. Still, too expensive?
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    If its a strain you are really wanting, then go ahead and do it, but its not a bargain by any means.

    $340 an oz is not unheard of, but you should be getting a price break with the slightly larger amount. $1200 for a QP is regular retail price from the clubs and is generally considered an expensive but fair price .... assuming the bud is grade AAA quality.
  10. Oh I didn't know we were talking about good weed. Ya good weed is definitely more than 400-450 a qp. I thought we were talking mids
  11. At that price, the oz is running you about $340. That's not a bad price for quality MMJ, but at the QP price you should be getting it cheaper. My friend said that there is no discount for the QP if you buy straight from the club on the spot, but if you let the employee know in advance so he can contact the growers, the price should drop by a hundred or two at least.
  12. Okay, but he doesn't have a card so he would have to go through this guy. If he got a card however, is there a limit to how much he can buy at once?

  13. To my knowledge there are no state issued limits on purchases, but I have heard of clubs setting limits at 2-4 oz daily.
  14. Oh okay, thanks a lot for all the help guys.

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