Price Of Marijuana May Be Rising In Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Old School Smoker, May 22, 2013.

  1. This was taken from the Los Angeles times newspaper:
    After years of futile attempts by lawmakers to regulate the medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles, a ballot measure to sharply limit the number of pot dispensaries in the city was leading in early returns Tuesday.
    Proposition D would reduce the number of pot shops to about 130 from around 700 by allowing only those that opened before the adoption of a failed 2007 city moratorium on new dispensaries. A rival initiative, Measure F, which would have allowed an unlimited number of dispensaries to operate, was trailing. Both measures would raise taxes on medical marijuana sales 20%.
    I am sad..........:(

  2. Damn what is bud already taxed at in Cali? Adding 20% on top of that? Talk about a major sin tax
  3. Wow...why such a huge backlash in SoCal?
    Medical MJ getting on the streets?
  4. hopefully those "dis[ensaries" have always been paying taxes, so I don't think taxes are what's going to raise prices...what's gonna raise prices is that there won't be so many collectives, you either pay $90 an eight or drive 30-120 miles to the next one is you wanna pay $50....get it?
  5. Sounds like I should head out of the hills of Nor Cal and come spread some love downsouth. :-D
  6. let me go to the closet.. oh i mean dispensary  :bolt:
  7. When a guy from Microsoft (and ironically, the great-grandson of a former Spanish hemp barron) announces that he's "Big Marijuana," the little guys get pushed out.
    The Fed is making way for the "proper" people and entities/corporations to financially benefit from pot.
    They'll pair it down to 135. And then 50. And then 10. And then...
  8. come on down bro, you can camp with my girls, feel right at home!
  9. Ouch, sounds like a shitty thing to do in general. :/
  10. hell yeah bro after the season.

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