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Price of Half an ounce

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by MadMax3331, Apr 3, 2013.

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    I just weight it on a digital scale after smoking a few bowls and it weight 14.1gms. So looks like my jury rigged scale was pretty accurate after all. And I would say it seemed to be a pretty good high for how much I smoked. 3 bowls in my bong got me a lot higher than 3 bowls of the mids I have been smoking for the past 2 weeks. I am no expert but It is definitely more potent than the mids I had.

    And as for how the scale worked it is a basic design. The wire coat hanger is semetrical. You carefully bend the hook 90 degrees from the original position. Make sure you actually have a a large enough object with a 90 degree angle so that you can test. I then set the hook over on of the drawers of my dresser (They come to a point so the amount of contact with the hanger was about 1mm squared. They was an acute angel exactly one inch in about 60 degrees. I had it rest there. The coat hanger luckily had a natural symteric arc on the bottom that was directed upwards. This made it so that after the two socks, which were only used to hold the coins and the weed. Were attached with a zip that I measured so that it was in an even position on both sides. Moving it slightly made it off balance. I then slowly put the weed in a ziplock bag in one sock. Making sure it was all the way at the bottom. I then did the same with the coins and the dollar bills in a ziplock. I wasn't sure how much those weight and I didn't think any amount of money I had would match so it was simpler to just add a ziplock to the money. Oh and remember I had to use socks from the same pair, and two identical ziplock bags. There is still some remaining weed in the other bag. I had to swap because my dealers bag was a different type. The amount was negligible Just some leaves and some trace amounts of what looks like to be a powdery substance. It is very small though so I can't say for sure. Either way it was a negligible amount, and it would have only made the weed weight less not more.. I am no fool, I may not be a genius or even that intelligent but I know basic math. And I know how a balance scale works. It was actually getting the mass not the weight, but that doesn't really matter. I didn't explain all this, because I assumed that you would understand what I meant, if this was some jury rigged scale that wasn't accurate at all I wouldn't have bothered to post about about. I also did compare adding the same amount of change to each side to test if it was fair.
  2. Id say 35 maybe 45. But last time I had weed like that it was free.
  3. sounds like a good deal. here in northern california i get half oz's for $50 and it's really good
  4. I am in humboldt actually so pretty close. I know I should be able to find good deals around here, I still don't know what a good deal really is so I am asking. I feel if I got a bad deal so what? It won't kill me, but I don't want to make the same mistake again. Since this is so much better than before I had to ask about the prices to make sure.
  5. 90-100$ for a half here of pure dank bud.

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