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Price of Buds in Buffalo and around the world?, need to be hooked up!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by BurnAFlag8, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. Hello I smoke a lot of bud every day, and I need a good hook up once and for all. Some of my friends have a hook up and can get it for what they told me $260 an O in buffalo and there going to night, is this good price or are they taxing the shit out of me?

    I smoke a lot of midi grade but now I am starting to smoke just buds. I can get some good stuff usually between $160-$200 an O for mid-grade, but I don\"t have a good hook up, and I don\"t really by ounces of buds just middies.

    A different friend went and picked up a half an Ounce in buffalo for $80 of awesome buds, so an o would be $160 for dank now that what I figure it should be if ya got a good hook up, so are my friends trying to tax me like $100 dollars cause that is F***ed up if they are. Let me know what\"s up ASAP Because there going tonight to buffalo and I wana get an O of dank or possibly a lot more for as cheap as possible cause I smoke usably smoke 2-6 grams a day myself some times more, so you know how it is. If anyone reading this knows of a hook up and I could go through and pick up a lot I would be grateful, and we could do some business. I live in Pa so any where within 4-5 hour of driving I could pick it up myself. Also what would be a good price on a pound, around Ohio, New York or PA area?

    I am also curious to know what prices of bud are around the world, how come no one has written a post on the price of buds, just seems to me like it would be a big topic on the list, but maybe I missed the thread, Thanks!

  2. Theres been a ton of threads about prices, you must have missed them.

    I\'d pay around $220ish for an ounce of good buds. $260 seems kind of steep (I\'m from Upstate NY, by the way), but if its good trees, I guess it\'d be worth it.

    And if your buddy gets halfs for $80, ounces of the same would probably be less than $160, prices go down the more you buy. I\'d say about $130 - $140 for an ounce, of the stuff your buddy had.

  3. for an O i pay 140-170 dollars canadian, depending on quality. I\'ve heard of people paying 200 and up, which is ridiculous here.
  4. i live in rochester right in the middle of buffalo and syracuse wich is where i was born. i pay 200 for an o of good nuggets not midis nuggetts.
  5. us seasoned tokers do not like folks asking about hook ups here!!! It\'s still illegal.
  6. lol did I say hook up what I meant to say is if any one would like to barter, lol
  7. It does\'t matter how you say it. You asked for a hook up and that\'s not allowed here. Read the rules posted in every forum.

    I\'m closing the thread...despite the other topics involved, I\'m still closing it.

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