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Price of bud in your area

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerbonerOGC, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Not sure if I'm putting this thread in the right area. But I'm just wondering what is the average price of weed in your area assuming you don't have a great hook up like knowing a grower or growing yourself or something like that. I wanted to make this because I feel like I have to pay top dollar for weed around here after listening to some of y'all's prices!!.... But I'll start, average price around here in Virginia is

    Gram 20
    1/8. 60
    1/4. 100
    1/2. 170
    Zip. 300-310
    Don't forget to put the area where you live! Haha
  2. Once everyone can grow this shit out in the open, the costs gonna plummet (yes, I AM the King of the Obvious)  as a non selling grower, I look forward to that day...tall, lanky sativas growing in every bare patch..all over this Nation and that...swaying in the fuckin breeze....say goodbye to most of those sleepy Indicas cause once people get a taste of the 70s and get some real sativa in em, they will never want to go to sleep again...though those Indicas are really great for pain management and other medicinal issues but for an old school HIGH, nothing beats great Columbian , Mexican, Thai or Panamanian Haze.
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    I'm pretty sure there a few other threads on this same topic but meh.  This is for high quality mj.
    1 gram  $10
    1/8        $35
    1/4        $60
    1/2        $110
    1 oz      $190
    Qp        $700  usd
    I live in Texas.
  4. gram $20
    1/8 $50
    1/4 $90

    This is for good quality. If you want really good stuff add a ten those. I am from the northish area of Texas.
  5. It's really easy to get amazing bud for about 10 a gram here, I occasionally have to pay 15 a G but that's really rare. Having 50+ dispensaries within 10 miles from you is helpful lmao.
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    $10-15 for a gram for top shelf flowers or like $35-45 an eighth at the local collecives.

    Gotta love Northern California..we are blessed with some amazing strains. CookiesSF415 or Purple Lotus has top quality buds for reasonable prices...
  7. $10-15 a gram
    $45ish for an 1/8
    For some good stuff in NW Ohio
  8. #8 Immortality, Jan 5, 2015
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    Tampa area.
    Gram - 10
    Eighth - 35
    Quarter - 65-75
    I personally get my O's for around 200 but standard is anywhere from 215-240. Everything is fuego as fuck too.
  9. #9 PokeBong, Jan 5, 2015
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    20 a G
    70 a 1/8
    120 a 1/4
    250 an ounce
    Prices of mid is basically half of all of the prices listed above
    Those prices are standard, but I personally can get a 1.7 to 2 Gs for $20
  10. Texas high-grade
    1 g $20
    1/8 $50-60
    1/4 $70-100
    1/2 $130-200
  11. #11 novaboot, Jan 5, 2015
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    $10 a gram
    $40 an eighth
    $80 a fourth
    $150 a half

    But this is in Idaho where high grade weed is practically unheard of...
  12. Dispensary Top Shelf

    5.3 $ Grams

    20 $ Eighths

    150$ Oz

    500$ Qp

    Thank you CO

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  13. The price of bud in my area is alright.
    Mostly around here all we got is mids and stuff in between mids and dank.
    Mids- Pretty decent mids to.
    *Usually $10 a gram.
    *1/8 is usually between $30-$40
    *1/4 usually $50-$60 sometimes i can get it for $40
    * 0z usually $120-$160
    And the dank stuff usually isnt no more than $20 a g.
  14. Oh dear god in heaven I beseech thee: Please make these people stop asking this question on a weekly basis I have posted the following link hundreds of times and they just won't stop.
    In jesus name i pray amen

  15. Soo glad I live in canada,
    $10 g
    $25 1/8
    $50 q
    $80 half
    $150 oz
    BC got great quality for a good price. Although it still always depends on who you know cuz when I lived in ON I got top shelf from a grower some of the best buds iv ever smoked and it was bout 115$ an oz in bulk buys

    Party at my house
  16. PA I only buy dank from a kid who pushes for a frat

    1 g- $20
    1/8- $40
    1/4- $80
    1 o- $280

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