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Price of Bud in London/UK

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ruthus99, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I live in Missouri (in America), and all of these prices seem extraordinarily cheap. I wish we got the prices you guys are complaining about lol.
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  3. i know i lolled irl.

  4. Yeah that's the rate I was using. I used XE.

  5. I live just south as Cambridge and we get 1.5 for £20 nowadays.

    It's great smoke but the sizes are just terrible.
  6. My brother has a great hook up in london, £50 an O. :smoke:

    I live in wales, and its about £10 for 1.5 grams.
  7. In kent area, about £10 a gram, getting slightly cheaper when talking 1/4+
    I get about 7g 1/4 for £60 straight from grower
  8. In Birmingham, it's always about a gram for £10, then some people do 7g for £50/£60.
  9. Prices are different all over the place.

    0.7g - 10 pounds
    1.4g - 20 pounds

    Those are Aldershot rates.

    That's if it's really dank. Take it or leave it. Higher risks in certain places guys. Supply and demand. A bucket of water costs a lot less here than it does in a desert.

    Simple business sense. Come on guys, use those heads.
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    1.2g tens
    2.4g eighths
    3.3g for 25 quid (meant to be 3.5 but they never end up being)

    your best bet is to look for an oz and save money on buying deals.
    a managed to pick 1 up for only 140 nice stuff too.

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