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Price of Bud in London/UK

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ruthus99, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I'm from Bournemouth and you're pretty much looking at £10/gram (sometimes even per 0.8g). Its always bang on weight. £60/quarter, £120/half, £240/ounce.

    That's all for premium bud. And I make a point to only get premium bud haha!

    I'm sure I could find cheaper weed but fuck that. I see what my mates pick up sometimes, it barely even looks like weed let alone any smell or taste. They pay £180 for that shit.
  2. There is a good dealer in my villiage that does 10s and 20s only way 1 or 2 grams but the weed is wicked grapefruit, blue cheese supers and its always good from him. if you buying 1gram for 10 quid guys i suggest you find someone who has weed worth losing .7 over.
  3. Second/third rate under wait grass mostly leaves and very little bud for £50 a ¼ in the South West.:(
  4. Where I live I went through quite a few dealers who did shitty like 1.8g 8ths of shitty ground up bud, but now I've got 2 dealers who do me 2.7g and above (they weigh it up infront of me) for an eighth and it's usually pretty dank and always properly dried and nice and buddy. Had some afghan kush last night and it was fucking tasty. They do me a half oz for £100.
  5. The reason prices are going up is because people are getting away with it.

    1 dealer charges £25 for 2.5grams and gets away with it. Naturally, other dealers who are giving 3.5 for the same price are going to have to think about it from a business point of view.

    The only way to stop the bags getting worst and the weights getting lower is to refuse to buy it. As long as people are getting away with it then it's going to keep getting worst.

    Put your foot down. Look for someone who isn't looking to rip you off.
  6. :eek: Holy Moly! £10+ per gram? Where I'm at it's $10 or less, so UK bud is like twice as expensive!!! :( I guess Canada it is then... lol
  7. It's called a fucking score not an eighth for all you noobs, tell your fucking amateur dealers aswell while you're at it. SHIT
  8. bruh....

  9. I used to spend quite a lot of time in Bournemouth. The smoke was always great. I miss that place
  10. Same, i had lived there for 9 years but i had to move for family reasons... always lots to do :D Shame i never smoked back then :devious:
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    The dollar to pound has been £1:$2 for a long time, you're paying around £8 for 1 gram.

    In some places in america it's $20 a gram so it's all good.
  12. Manchester here, best I can find is £20 for 1.7 - 2g. It's ridiculous, can't wait until I can grow my own.
  13. #33 Verdurous, Aug 31, 2011
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    Actually I'm paying about £6 max at today's rate of conversion. £10 qualifies as almost double in my opinion. :confused_2: Sure it's $20 per gram is extremely overpriced to me, which would be like £12.25 I think. I guess it's not too far off, but still. lol
  14. Yeah there's always decent smoke going about in Bournemouth. You just know you'll have to pay top money for it. Unless you're the one growing it of course haha.

    Loads of brilliant places to smoke down here as well, and the police are very tolerant too, which is always good!
  15. East midlands-

    (Peng,stong weed)

    £10- 0.7-1.1
    £20- 1.4-2.5
    Q(60-70)- 7 grams
    HO- 120-140 14

  16. I live just outside Cambridge (well I am at the minute) and that sounds about right but its always who you know...
  17. some places near me ( scotland ) charge £15 a gram! but thats for proper good stuff like ak47.. white widow etc.. usually its £10 a G but the more you buy the cheaper you get etc.. an ounce is £180 = 28 Gram, and it is 28 gram.. i've never heard of people around me getting ripped off... if you pay for 3.5 Gram, you GET 3.5G no way would people rip other people off around here weight wise....

  18. See I pay the equivalent of £60-£100 per ounce here.

    I guess I really pay more like like £2-£3.5 per gram now. lol
  19. I live in Bedfordshire. 8ths are £20, but i get 3 for £50. I've estimated the 8ths to be 2-2.5g but i havent actually ever weighed them. My dealers the same too, no weighing or anything, just a quick transation and no knowledge of indica/sativa. He has told me he has some strains e.g. amnesia haze, psychosis etc. so i dont know if it counts as knowledge or just bullshit.

    As for the weed itself, I dont really get crushed weed, mainly nuggets, maybe sometimes with a little bit of shake in addition to the nuggets. I'd say its really good weed, just obviously not on par with Cali Medical, but you get some good cheese and haze going around.

    Oh btw, £50 for 3 8ths is the only deal he cuts. £100 for 6 8ths, but if i wanted an ounce it'd be £140.
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    Well it wouldn't be an oz it would be like 16/18 grams, which is 10grams short of an oz. So iff you wanted a proper oz from your dealer you're paying like 200-220.

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