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Price of Bud in London/UK

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ruthus99, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hey, I've been noticing recently while browsing this forum how expensive bud is is UK/London compared to America and other countries.

    Here, especially where I live (London), Dealers rarely sell 3.5g for an 1/8th, its normally 1.5g-2.7g which is always a letdown, this is normally £20.

    Most dealers which I know do not bother with weighing but it is more of a quick deal with no interaction or talking, the dealers normally don't know strain names or if it sativa/indica dominant but that's just probably with mine.

    1/4 Oz is from £50 for mids to £90 for dank but its rarely ever amazing dank weed.

    On a side note, with most deals which I have had and from stories I have heard, the dealer normally sells the weed in bags of crushed up weed instead of direct buds straight from plant. This just might be my experience but I find it very annoying.

    If you live in the UK please contribute so we can see if the price is more expensive and if other people share my personal experience with dealers.

  2. I suck at money conversions like I suck at "saving" for college.

    Regular=$30 a 1/4
    Dank=$70-80 a 1/4


    Good day, sir.:cool:
  3. £90 for a Q !

    Thats crazy man i'm from Bristol and i've never even heard of a Q being more than £60
  4. Yep I live in London and prices sure do suck round here. 20 quid for 1.5-2.5 max grams of weed (usually pretty good weed though to be fair). The weed is usually in nuggets instead of crushed up and sometimes my dealer knows the strain name. I seem to get Cheese quite a lot. Had a great dealer before who sold 3.5g of very good weed for £20 but he got busted awhile back :(
  5. South West - £10/gram, or £25/8th, but the 8th is always under. Always bud, generally pretty good. Reductions for more than a 1/2 oz should be standard
  6. Midlands.

    £10/gram to £70 - £90 quart to £165 - £200 oz.
  7. I'm getting average 2.2g scores in Borough of Redbridge.

    But it can vary easily, some dealers are consistent 2.5 but others will always be there 100% with a 1.7 lol...
  8. £10- mench- 1.3/1.7
    £20-eigth- 2/2.5
    £40- quat- 5/6.5 (I've never got a 7g quat?)
    £130-ounce- 28

    Uk weights are fucking stupid, and every one calls stems fucking 'stalks'
  9. That's street dealers that sell the little tiny bags of crushed up weed, they pick it apart a bit and flatten it to make it look bigger you should find a dealer who sells proper deals, even though most of them are shit they aren't as shit, hard to find in the city nowadays though, growing is the only way imo
  10. They're the same thing.
  11. I live in Nottingham most of the year and just outside Cambridge during the holidays.


    £10 a g
    £20 for 2.2/2.4
    £25 for 3g

    £180-220 an oz

    Really good mids:

    £10 for 1.4
    £20 for 2.8
    £25 for 3.5

    £140 an oz
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    I know. I was saying how I dislike the word stalks, it sounds so stupid.
  13. #13 UKTOKE, Aug 14, 2011
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    a tenner a gram is generally an average price for high grade, but your obviously gonna get smaller or fatter deals depending on who you go to
    when i buy in bulk i get a half oz for £100, and i can also get 6g for £50

    EDIT- these are Leeds prices
  14. I live in York, never seen a quarter over £60...

    BUT I am in the same situation. I would be lucky to get a 2.5g eighth, not because a dealer is ripping me off, but because around 2g is the normal/accepted weight for an eigth for some reason...
  15. It's the same here in Hertfordshire and Essex.

    It used to be £20 for 2.8 - 3 Grams a few years back. I stopped smoking for a year and when I started again it was these prices.

    The only thing I can guess is inflation. Price of producing and shipping it in vs the risk of growing these days. The police near me (I live in a nice area) seem to find a grow house nearly every month.

    8/10 it's cheese though so I guess I can't really complain.
  16. Manchester

    when I did have a dealer and not MoM.
    Qtr's where £60 and at least a gram underweight.
  17. Fife, Scotland, £40-£50 a quarter, quality differs greatly but price doesn't so it's a lucky dip, need a reliable guy.
  18. Back in Cambridge it was:

    £10 for 1-1.2g
    £20 for 2.8g
    £25 for 3.5g
    £45-50 for 7g

    Usually £160/oz

    Always dank.

    However I hear now weights have gone down/prices have gone up however you choose to look at it.

    £10 < 1g
    £20 2-2.5g
    Rest, not sure?
  19. dam just wondering why dont those dealers now how to give straight 8ths. thats ridiculous i would be mad people shortin my shit. but yalls dealers seem kinda sketchy, or yall need to hang out with more dealers, for some better hook ups.

    i get $50-60 eight, but usually get oz's which run around 325-380 depending on who and quality,and we usually get a gram or 2 extra
  20. There arn't that many hookups around really, and I can't seem to find ANY in Manchester worth buying from.

    Though I have no interest in street dealers which is probably why I fail at finding.

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