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Price of a Joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewSmoke15, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. #1 NewSmoke15, Oct 13, 2014
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    So I was thinking of selling some joints to a couple friends just for a little bit of extra cash. I roll these joints with middie shake. They have crutches with the "W" shape in them. What do you think a reasonable price for a joint should be? I live in Northern California if that helps at all.

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  2. I wouldn't pay more than 1 dollar for that. 
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    $5.00 for a half gram of mids.
 said middies shake...
    Ok $2.50 for a half gram  joint.
    Ya wanna make some money? You can sell half gram of high grade for $10 each.
  4. Where I'm from, that could go for $10 max, but since you're from California, I'd guess significantly lower.
  5. $2-$3?
    There is no money in selling prerolls.
    Everyone knows they are filled with junk when dealers sell them.
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    Thanks for the responses guys.
  7. What's up with you and smiley face stickers lol?

    But yeah maybe like $2-3 per joint. Most people who know anything about bud won't buy pre rolls because they're usually made with junk weed

    Happy toking!

    Sent from four score and seven years ago
  8. #8 Mid man, Oct 13, 2014
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    If you want to make money selling pre rolls then selling to friends isn't the way. Making money selling pre-rolls means
    1) You have a scale and put the same amount in each joint. That way your product is consistent and you are not putting too much or too little in. 
    2) It's only acceptable to sell pre-rolls at parties. Where else would someone buy them lol? Everybody knows they are a rip off
    3) You need to roll a hell of a lot better than that, those look like they are going to burn uneven as hell. Who the hell is going to buy a shitty joint of you next party if your last one had to be re-lit 10 times?
    4) You should be trying to at least double what you put in. So if you bought a quarter of mids for $25 you should be making 14 .5 gram joints and selling them for $5 each at a party. You will walk away from the party with $70. 
    5) Be honest with people your selling to. Don't be like "yea it's got 1g in it" when it's got .5 Tell them straight up it's got .5, and they should know that they are essentially paying you a couple bucks to roll a joint for them. 
  9. they really arent that bad. a person who buys pre rolls could never roll js like OP showed. Mid man is a troll, don't listen to him. if i was a noob I'd buy a preroll for $10
  10. It's hard to say, ideally you'd want to sell them for about 5 dollars a piece, but you would have to find the right buyers, people who are new to smoking weed. 
    If you sell to kids and noobs, you can definitely make a profit.
    But that would be wrong.
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    How am I trolling? I didn't say he was god awful as rolling joints, but if you're going to be selling them your rolling skills can't be 'sub par'. If I or anyone else I knew was going to buy a pre-rolled joint I would want it to burn smooth and evenly, because you are literally paying 2-3x what the bud would cost not in the joint. Why does somebody want to spend $10 on $3 worth of weed to have the joint burn uneven wasting bud and having to be re-lit 5 times because of poor rolling skills. 
    Second of all, these joints look like they are completely different sizes. Or are they? none of us know, because the OP probably didn't scale out a specific amount before rolling it. And if you are going to be selling them for profit then why the hell doesn't he have a scale? It makes no sense to just sell whatever amount of weed is in the joint if he is actually serious about making money. 
    What if he puts .7 in one and .8 in the next and .5 in the last? There is no way you can eyeball that, he could have just had a scale and rolled 4 .5 gram joints, or roll 3 like the original plan and have .5 left over for himself
  13. When did Grasscity change the rule about discussing dealing?
  14. I been smoking for a couple years and only bought a pre rolled blunt once. Shit was good got me really high and i paid $5 so for middies i would pay $3-$4 and for middies shake $2-$3
    Ever since it saw a decline in its traffic.
  16. I refuse to believe that .5 grams in a joint is worth only $3!
    Damn, thats cheap!
    If u broght me a green, well dried, cured... rolled inna joint I'd pay $10 easily! Smiling big!

    Fact is that im in brasil and its really hard do find quality weed here.
    Anything green would be a complete sucess...

    "Dê-me as bananas ou o império sucumbirá!"
  17. Why not buy nickle bag it's usually only two bucks more 5 dollars for a  nickle it's a little more then a joint
  18. because hes trying to sell it to make money that  would be like a $1.20 flip everytime

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