Price is right, 420 style

Discussion in 'General' started by meatwad420, May 2, 2006.

  1. haha that's pretty funny
  2. what a champ hahaha
  3. ^^^

    aw man, come on with that sig! way too big!
  4. if that guy knew anything about guitars and how much they cost he wouldnt have bid 1420 but 420 and would have won that one....

    haha either way i still give him props for doing that
    especially on the last one when hes like "wait what did she bid? yea im gonna have to go with 420"
  5. wow i have watched the prices right for years but i have never seen anyone guess 420 everytime... mad props to that fellow stoner :smoke:
  6. I seen it before but its fucking awesome. Thats the shit, He's obviouslly a stoner.
  7. hahha i love it
    "i've waited my whole life for this... 420"
  8. LOL, yeah I know. When they were showing the guitar I thought wow, hes got this one; 420$ sounds about right. It's just a peavey, nothing that special. The amp was pretty sick, tho. But damn? 1,420$ for that? I dont think so.
  9. "what was her bid..." 250 "im ganna have to go with 420" ahahahha, that is so awesome. when i watched the vid i thought he was ganna win and then go up on stage and talk about smokin weed, that would have been awesome, but it was still sweet.
    "ive waited my whole life to say this... 420"
  10. That is one of the funniest things ive seen in awhile...If I was that guy..Ida Deckd that black chick raciest or nothin but that was uncalled for...I saw it..Bob saw it..she shoulda went ahead and kickd him in the balls while she was at it..:eek:
  11. haha, im not evne high and that was great!
  12. what did she do?

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