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Price For Wax?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Hey blades im not currently in a mmj state so no dispensaries (fuck florida). How much is a gram of wax cost? My dealer said he can hook me up for $60 a gram.. Is that a good deal or not? I've bought from him only 5 times, hasn't gipped me and everythings been spot on. is that norm price?

  2. I also live in a non medical state (Missouri) and the prices range anywhere from 25$-60$ a gram. I've never purchased either so I can't say much about quality, however I do know that for 60$ it's coming via the silk road from a dispenser.
  3. I doubt that its from the silk road... 
  4. ive been paying 30$ a gram in cali so if you're in florida id expect double that so yea sounds right to me i guess
  5. Its not like that for flower unless you guys get good dank in cali for 10g 
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    I doubt that its from the silk road...
    </blockquote>I'm not sure why you would doubt that. My dealer buys all of his unmentionables from the silk road or the market. I've been with him when he's purchased them many times.

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  7. I'd pay 25-35 for a G of some oily BHO or around 45-50 for a G of some bomb budder or shatter,but I am in Cali so yea. Ask him if its wet or dry crumble and for 60$ I'd want my shit to be gold or amber

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