Price for quality bongs?

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  1. So I'm looking into buying a bong for myself since I only have my homemades for right now. How cheap could I get a quality bong for that would last? I've lately taken a liking to US Tubes, how cheap do those run?
  2. U.S. Tubes usually start at $200 for just the tube, then you gotta buy a downstem and a bowl (can range greatly in quality from $20 for each to $40 for a downstem and $200 for a slider). Then you probably wanna get an ashcatcher, which will run you $30 (for a cheap a/c with the bowl and carb built in) to $300. On average though if you do your research, you can find a nice a/c $100-200, a diffuser for $20-30, and a nice slider for $50 or so.
  3. i just bought a 350 dollar wicked sands
  4. I bought the US TUBES 50x9mm beaker for 280 bucks shipped to my house with bowl and's amazing and I highly recommend it
  5. Go to

    Check out the EHLEs and then add a diffusor and a/c. Should be $200 or so after shipping.
  6. Whered you buy from?
  7. a site called BFG, they've jumped in price though from high demand, i think they're around 300-310 now
  8. BitFreak Glass? How were you able to get a username and password?
  9. email the owner, and he will ask if your 18. If you are, he will give you a username/password.
  10. Thanks limes, helpin me once again
  11. Wait, i can't find the owners email, where can I find that?

  12. since when is ANY tube sold without a downstem or bowl? LOL

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