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Price for low quality Dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, May 25, 2010.

  1. #1 DMX, May 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2010
    I know theres millions of threads about prices. Heres whats going on. I know a guy who is a potential solid connect/ friend. As of now, I have no solid connect. The only dank I can get right now is $20bags(.8). And Id have to ask a friend for a ride to the dudes house, and would wind up smoking it with my friend. (which i hate to do, because i havent been able to smoke by myself in a month). (and yes, if i ask my friend to get me a bag, or drive me to get a bag, he or them automatically think I want to hangout with them and smoke at that moment).So I wind up smoking up with my friends(they put their own in also), and waking up the next day having no weed.

    So, its concluded that I must buy an 8th or more each time, so I can have weed to myself without making a thousand phone calls each day.

    I know you can get an 8th of mids for $20. But not here. The cheapest I can get an 8th of mids/ok bud for is $45. and thats pushing it. But this is through a solid connect (mentioned above) that lives down the street from me and is (usually) always avaible. I know $50 bucks for an 8th of mids is overpriced. But if this was your only option GC, would you do it? And I cant say if the guy is even ripping me off because everyone in NJ sells mids expensive as hell. So he might be getting overpriced also.

    Conclusion, Do I start buying 8ths of good mids for $50, or go out of my way to get decent dank shit, most likely get shorted, and pay $65?

    Im just asking for a little guidence GC. What would you do in my situation?

    Edit: its not bad weed. It gets me high. Im used to the exotic shit. And the mids i can get give me a 7 out of 10 high. Compared to 10/10 dankity.

    Edit: Heres a pic. This is what the bud usually looks like. Sometimes worse, or better. It gets me high though.

    [oh, and this guy, and most other people I have gotton from, will give you a .5 of mids for $10, and maybe 1.5 for $20. They sell it like its dank, wtf NJ?]

  2. Sorry to hear of your situation.

    Just save up the little extra for the dank. If your already paying 40-50 for eighth of mids, just pay 60-65 for the dank...

    And in meantime, find another mids dealer.
  3. What is "decent dank"? That sounds like another way to say "mids" to me. I think you should go with the mids because they're cheaper and probably around the same quality. Isn't that the better connect, anyway? Besides, once you have a solid relationship with your dealer he's probably going to cut you the good deals every now and again. They do that to keep you as a customer, just remember that.
  4. I know my weed man. Im probally the most experinced person in this faggot town. But my dank options are limited as I dont have a car, dont have many friends, and the only people with dank in my town I dont know them personally. And im not buying weight off someone I do not know anything about them.

    Anyway, i say "low dank" Because its not compressed as fuck, does not contain 12 seeds in a gram, and does give me a nice, a better high than other couch lock mids would.

  5. Oxymoron, :confused:?
  6. not really..... and if you get shorted buying dank, call him back up and call him out on it. if he tells you he diddnt skimp you tell him to go fuck yourself and you lost a valuable customer.
  7. Only you know the exact quality of the mids and dank. The mids I'm used to are pretty shitty, and i would personally go for the 8th of dank, as long as it smelled better than the mids

  8. If your mids are compressed with tons of seeds still in the buds, then your mids are actually lows and you're getting ripped off any way you look at it. Mids should be dank-like, with a few seeds here and there. Dank will never have a seed.

    You're going to have to get over not knowing who you're dealing with, also. This shit is shady any way you look at it. Just know a bad situation when you're in one and you'll be okay. Otherwise you might not find any other option for buying marijuana and that would be a shame, don't you think?

    I'm just speaking from experience, here.
  9. so your talking about beasters right? i'm not sure what to say since i don't know the exact qualities but i would say go for the dank and if the mids have seeds their worth 20 a 8th in my opinion.

  10. then get beat up, yeah! you think dealers want you telling everyone they short people?
  11. What is this, high school?
  12. let me get this right,if you get the dank,you'll have to smoke someone out with it,but if you get the mids(A.k.a Chronic) then you don't have to smoke anyone out? :confused:

    If i was you,i would just get the chron chron.

    i was kinda in the same spot as you,i have ways to get dank,but there not my connects,and i have a chronic dealer that is solid and always on deck so i go to him.But my 1/8s are 35 ,but that's cali for yah.
  13. ^^ yeah. Solid mids connect. No solid dank connect.
  14. 8ths of "good mids" for 50? shittttt fuck that. you should at least be getting beasters for that price.

    if you're paying 50 for mids, just go for the 65 and get some dank. and you say you're gonna get shorted? dude, tell the dealer to weigh it out in front of you, and bam! no more getting shorted.

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