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price for juicyfruit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fantastik4our, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. how much would you guys pay for 2.5 grams of some dank juicyfruit? thanks
  2. 25 cents...


    but seriously, it really depends on the location. Where I live I would pay $35 roughly.
  3. $50

    prices around here are high =[
  4. i would buy an eight for sixty, 2.5, id try and pull 40-45, 50 is a bit much an extra 10 bucks go for the gram, juicy fruit, where do they come up with this stuff, what is it a haze hybrid/ sativa? all these fruity weeds are just rediculous sounding
  5. 50-60 here.

    Where do you live?
  6. well my connect says he has 2.5 grams left of it.. i would grab the full 1/8th if i can

    edit: i live in socal
  7. go for ask him how much
  8. $30-$35 max
  9. 50 smackeroonies
  10. 40-50, although I would never only buy 2.5 grams if it were available.
  11. $45 or $50. I recently got a pick-up of juicy fruit actually an it's so dank. Quarter for $80
  12. This makes no sense, at all...

    So you're saying you roughly would pay 65 for an 1/8th, and then 80 for a 1/4th? Either You're lying, or you're dealers a dumb ass, haha.
  13. I get a 'discount' from the guy I grabbed the Juicy Fruit from. I'm saying i would pay that to anyone else.

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