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Price For A Quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. How much do u pay for a quarter? It is 7 grams,
    Correct? I live on the east coast if that matters...
    Any help appreciated
  2. I pay between 90-100 but I'm in the midwest.
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    What part of east coast if ya don't mind me asking?
    I live in VA, so I am on the East Coast to.
    This is what I pay.
    Mids- $30
    No Named Dank: $75-90
    Example: [​IMG]
    Name Strains: $90-100(Can go as high as 120 if you don't have a solid connection)
    Example: [​IMG]
    I do not buy by the Quarter, but if I did....This is what I would be paying. Hope I helped, I can also give Half Prices/Full Prices/QP Prices/HP Prices and up to 1 LB if you are ever curios.
  4. 90 is average price for dank on the east cost.
  5. I'm on the east coast and up north around PA, NY I've been paying $100 but it's not uncommon to see $110.
  6. I pay 90 for straight up dank weed. The weed I get is straight fire haha thanks for the help guys
  7. 80 for a q of dank I'm in ny 45 mins away from NYC halfs are also 145 such a weird number why not 140 or 150 lol
  8. $90-100 for some nice bud. I'm in New Zealand so $70-80usd

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