price for 1/8th of shrooms? also

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  1. how long do they stay good for? i cant really keep them in a refrigerator. what if i just keep them in a ziplock?
  2. Store them in a cool dark place in a ziplock bag. They should stay good for awhile =)

    Also, I'd be paying 35-40 for an eighth. I have a pretty shitty connect for them, though, so that's just me.
  3. I only get charged $20 an 1/8 for cubenzi's. They are VERY good. I would actually pay more but the guy only charges 20. :)
  4. cool, also, should i eat food before eating the mushrooms? should i have something to drink by my side? i imagine they taste awful
  5. I like orange Juice. People say it helps, so why not use it, not to mention orange juice is fucking amazing.
  6. Honestly, they don't have a taste. It's really plain tasting, which makes it hard (For myself at least) to down them without a big glass of juice or something.

    Also, if you make a PB&J sammich and put the mushies on top, their not that bad :p And it isn't detrimental to the potency.

  7. Dude yer NUTS. Shrooms taste like SHIT.

    I have a few friends that can eat em no problem. I myself can NOT. They are fucking awful in my opinion.

    I suggest GRINDING them into a powder. Then put that powder in juice and drink it. Works GREAT. I use red or orange gatorade. Or break them into tiny pieces and put em in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    Thats the best ways I have found so far. I really recommend grinding them into a juice.
  8. for a first time, how much should i take? im prolly gonna get 3.5 grams so how much of that should i take? i dont want it to be super overwhelming but i do want to hallucinate.

    also, would you suggest doing it indoors or outdoors? i think id like to do both. advice?
  9. Eat 3 grams. That will do just fine. :)
  10. Take like 2-2.5 grams at first and if you feel like taking more later in the trip, you have the ability to do so. If 2-2.5 grams is enough, then you have another 1-1.5 grams left over that will give you a nice body buzz.

    First time I did them, I ate about 2 gs at first, then ended up taking the rest of the eighth throughout the night. It was cool because I tripped for like 10 hours straight and it wasn't too intense.

    I suggest cutting up (not grinding) the shrooms and chasing it with something like OJ. You never have to taste it, so its quick and painless

    I'm eating another eighth tomorrow night :)
  11. should i just eat the 3.5? stigma you said 3, will anything even happen off a .5? i kinda want to divide them into 1/16ths so that i can trip twice. thoughts?
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    I like to FRY if I do some shrooms. :) I am used to lsd so I like to eat a bit more. If u want the full desired effect of the shrooms I personally would eat at least 3 grams. If u want to lighten the dose so u get 2 trips u definitely can. But dont trip 2 days in a row its way lame. (unless u have a LOT more)

    On the topic of cutting not grinding them. I have used a coffee grinder for the last 2 years to grind my shrooms into a powder then either put them in pill capsules or just throw em in a gatorade bottle and mix it A LOT. Then just down it. U wont even taste the shit, and I find that they kick in much faster. Almost immediately. U can experiment though and see what u like best. Its up to YOU. :)
  13. the typical going price is 30 bucks for an 8th but i live in so cal and shit's harder to get. typically, everything is cheaper in nor cal (acid, bud, shrooms, dmt, etc). i could find 5$ acid tabs and 20$ 8ths of shrooms

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