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price estimates

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by underoath31791, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. ok so could i get some price estimations for 1/8 and/or 1/4 of kb? and also the price for a simple spoon. it doesnt need to be cool looking or anything out of the ordinary, just a standard spoon.

    cuz i gotta get some stuff ready this weekend and i need to kno how much money im gunna be spending on this so i can ration some of my food money for this week to pay for it
  2. 40-50 1/8th, 75-100 for 1/4th, 10-20 bucks for a simple spoon
  3. By "kb" I am assuming you mean some dank. Anyways, an eighth (1/8) of dank will raise you 35$-60$ depending on how well connected you are. A quarter (1/4) should be about 100$ tops. A simple glass spoon will cost about 15$. Have a fun weekend :).

    P.S: Remember to keep food money for munchies.
  4. spoons are usually around 20 bucks, if youre at a gas station you can probably find them even cheaper.

    dont even bother asking for prices. the cost varies so widely, it depends entirely on location, quality of bud, whether or not you have a hookup, and a bunch of other things. i know kids in the same city as me who get shit weed for like 50-60 an eight, and i get straight dank for 40 because i have a friend with an amazing hookup.

  5. KB means kind bud. Means its not quite dank..

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