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Price checking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JAREDxTOKZ, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Is $70 for an o of really good mids a good deal?
  2. Where I am, mids for that price is a great deal, but I absolutely hate smoking mids... the guys I go to always have high grade stuff which I buy a few grams at a time.
  3. Shit some people pay more for brick reggie an ounce. So duffs a good deal :hello:
  4. I pay like 60 for a quarter of mids.... Are u kidding? 70 for an O is a legit steal. Buy a few zips and make canaoil

  5. $60 a Q of mids where the hell do you live?

  6. Florida... Thats what it costs. Mids are 10/g and dank is 20/g
  7. Yeah that's a pretty good deal, I'd buy one. In my whole smoking career, I've yet to encounter 'mids' or anything sold as 'mids', just 'low grade dank', which is still a step above mids.

    it'd be interesting to try them out and experience the high
  8. This isn't Progressive..

  9. He's not trying to name his price...:cool:
  10. That's what I pay on a half of mids here. I'd go for it.
  11. Nobody can tell you if its a good deal or not unless we know what area you're in.
    Prices vary a lot state to state or province to province.

    Also, "mids" can sometimes be a dangerous word when buying bud, because one mans mids is another's shwag.
    ..Its all relative.

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