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Price check

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tee Baked, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. How much should i be paying for 4grams of some dank bubba kush?
  2. Where you from? Bunch of threads on this, search for a decently recent one and find your area.

    Grabbing an eighth would be more common then 4gs.

    Name doesn't effect the price. Plus I doubt its gonna be Bubba Kush.
  3. I would be paying $40 but that's around my area.

    Welcome to GC, Tee Baked! :wave:
  4. Ohh alrite damn im paying $60 for 4grams and im in florida, guess i gotta watch my prices now, still kinda new to smoking like my 2nd month now

  5. It really depends on your area. If you are paying $20 a gram, $60 for an eighth is a very fair price considering my grams are $10. :D

    You can hit up this site to see what others around you are paying, as well. Price of Weed (dot) com
  6. I would pay around $30-40 but it might be more expensive in some areas.
  7. In paying fifty to sixty an eighth in Ohio shit is pricey

  8. I would go nuts if I was living in a non-medical MMJ state ;)
  9. 40 50 60

    ive eeven heard 90 but that was in hawaii.get what you can stay high newbie whatever the cost
  10. 35-40 in cali for a 4gram eighth
  11. picking up right meow well delivery umm 60 for an eight of raspberry kush and a g of green crack . hopefully its bomb for the price. but then again what you gonna do not alot of people delivering at midnight
  12. Man 4gs for me is 60$ =( Shit sucks man lol But yeah no more than 60 unless that is your LAST resort then I would say 70$ tops and it better be bomb.
  13. Crazy shit grow your own for a dollar a gram.. if that.
  14. Mine goes for about $50

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