Price check on ROOR - Red & Black Label

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  1. How much should one expect to pay for a 5mm (I think) 12" Red Label RooR and a 3.2mm (I think) 12" Black Label RooR?

    Price ranges, estimates, or even what you paid for your red and/or black label would be cool.
  2. really depends on where your buying it from, tons of different websites sell roor's for all different prices. dont get fooled though, some are imitations of roor's on some website. my cousin got ripped off once. where you buying it from?
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    Headshop in SoCal.
  4. Those suprise raids would make me never want to be on the prop 215 list.
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    Sorry edited my last post, but yeah man, they've raided just about every shop here. I wouldn't be surprised if they were all closed within the next year. Do you really think they'd go through that list and bust all the patients?
  6. The red label might be 3.2mm, but I'll check again. I'm asking prices on:

    12" Black Label RooR (3.2mm) -
    12" Red Label RooR (3.2mm) -
    12" Red Label RooR (5.0mm) -
  7. Really it's hard to tell you what a shop will charge. Use an internet website and try to find one in store for cheaper.
  8. Call aroung and get an estimate.
  9. If I called around, I'd be trusting the word of the headshop. I'm just trying to get an idea of a price from somebody who has experienced buying one. There's only 1 shop that has those specific labeled one's, so there's no room to compare...
  10. I've never seen a 12" ROOR in a store.

    A 5mm (black label) 14" straight would be around 200. The 3.2mm (Red label) would be around $140 or so if they're priced similar to the forest green labels.
  11. There is always room to compare. You can't say you can't compare unless you have found only 1 shop in your whole state that sells roors. Which I highly doubt is possible.
  12. That's weird man. I felt the black label yesterday and it's definitely 3.2mm. Is there something I should know about this picture? The red is either 3.2 or 5, but I know for sure about the black's thickness.

    Is there no such thing as a 3.2 black or a 5.0 red?
  13. Black is 5. Red is 3.2.

    I just had a black label but sold it, it was definitely 5mm. I have a green label also, it's 3.2, just like the red.
  14. It would be nice if I could travel around the state to look, but the drive is already 30+ mins away. There are MANY shops in the area, but none of them really carry RooRs.

    Although I don't feel good talking about prices, both of them were marked at $149 (also negotiable).

    Maybe that'll make it easier for you guys?
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    I'm 100% the black was not 5.0. I've had a 5.0mm bong before. When I first saw it, I assumed it was 5.0, but surprisingly it wasn't. I even asked the woman at the counter, and she thought it was 4.0mm, so I assume it has to be 3.2.
  16. You don't feel good talking about prices but you started a price check thread?

    Dude, I've had plenty of glass. I know this stuff. Black label's are 5mm. Like I said, I just had one but sold it about 3 weeks ago.
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    I don't LIKE talking about how much I spend on certain things, especially name brand. If somebody got a $1500 Louis Vuitton wallet for $500, I doubt I'm the only person who WOULDN'T say I dropped $500 on it.

    That's why I just asked for estimates and what you guys paid for your's without stating how much I saw it for in the OP.

    I stated the price now, so maybe the question can shift to: Is $--- a good deal? And how much did you spend on your's relative to the said price.
  18. You make it seem like I'm arguing with you man... I never said you didn't have a 5.0mm black label or anything. When you said that I questioned YOU because YOU had one, but the store that carries them here has one that is 100% FOR SURE NOT 5.0mm.

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