Preventing weeds?

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  1. I have some areas around trees and such that I'd like to not weed... I've been using cardboard which has been quite successful. Are there any different options?

    I'd like to lay some brick for a fire pit, and surround the base of a few trees with brick. Anything I should do before hand to prevent weeding in the future?
  2. If you surround the base of trees with anything, it will usually eventually kill them. Especially mulch etc. They need to breath.
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  3. I'm talking 1-2 feet around it.. which is more than enough.
  4. I'll just lay bricks about a foot around them and kill weeds that grow in between with white vinegar. Just figured there may be an alternative that doesn't require 3-4 treatments per year.
  6. It will not. Have you ever been in a large city and seen the trees in the sidewalks?
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  7. yes... they replace the trees me, or google it.
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  11. That's fine then, you just caught me at a very bad time.
  12. I'd suggest a weed guard and a mulch. I do understand others points about causing damage to the root system. But, it really takes a lot of soil/fill above the original trunk soil line to cause damage to the tree. I've removed 7 large red oak trees for a client because the contractor back filled around the trees when building the house. Several feet of fill was added above the original trunks soil line and compacted to add access to the rear of the property. Soil compaction can lead to other issues because it weakens the tree's ability to respond to outside threats. Using bricks shouldn't harm your tree. But, better options exist in my opinion.
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  13. Thank you!
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  15. Sorry. It's really the name I was given at birth. Although not my legal name now. Friends and family still call me by that name. I always try to be Kind and helpful on these forums. Stay positive - Spread love and try to always Do The Right Thing. Peace Brother Vee.
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  16. I think Vee may have questioned the validity of your advice. Organic mulch when kept away from touching the tree trunk itself is beneficial as it increases soil moisture and provides an optimal environment for microbial life. It also limits competition from weeds that would take nutrients from the tree itself. I use mulch for the same reason in all my pots running living organic growing mediums. Lift or move the mulch and you'll see much more microbial life than if you dig around in the first few inches of a plant without mulch.
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  17. Depends on they tree.
    Some don't mind confined roots, like ficus and Japanese maple, others don't do so well like Oak.

    I would not do this on a fruit tree if you want good fruit.
    It causes stress that leads to more disease and bug issues.

    If it just a ring and the roots can stretch beyond the ring its not much problem.

    Don't use vinegar, it can damage the tree.
    pull the, cut them out with a hoe, and put down landscape cloth / permeable weed barrier.
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