Preventing weed smell

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  1. Not sure if this covers weed smell ,but when my room smells funny I'll thumbtack some dryer sheets to my fan and put it on high. I've never done it to cover weed smell so idk if it works. Anyone ever try this?
  2. I've tried this, and it works decently but the best way to go is to just open a window and spray some febreze.
  3. lol i dont understand why people just dont take a step outside?

    Sploofs work good.

    This shit is the SHIT!!!! i hotbox my truck, spray this shit and you wouldnt know the difference if u smelt my truck.

    The kind i get smells like a freshly cleaned bathroom.
  4. lol i used to do this when i was in the dorms... we called it the hobo air freshener
  5. Use a sploof made of toilet paper roll and pack 2 dryer sheets in there. (replace when it turns brown) and use febreeze and an open window afterward.

    That should do the trick.

  6. I know about sploofs already I was just curious I don't smoke in my house seeing as I live with my ma, I learned long ago not to but if I do I'm usually halfway out my window so no smell.
  7. Or live in a bubble like that episode of tom green lol
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    I just crack a window and turn the fan on, then spray somethin like cologne a couple times so my room smells good while im doing it, then I leave the fan on and go out for the day and it smells fine when i get back :smoke:
  9. The best way it to
    ALWAYS keep bud sealed up in a CLEAN, airtight mason jar(kind with a 2 part lid).
    Keep all of your glass clean all the time or as much as possible.

    Get a window fan so smoke can escape out of the window(set the window fan to blow outside, and DONT put a towel under the door or it wont work).

    Honestly, if you cant do these things just to keep the smell down, you shouldnt be using at all

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