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Preventing Rolling Papers Drying Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alamo, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Bit of a random topic, yet relevant nevertheless. When I buy skins, I often buy them in large amount, so they last. The place where I purchase them is a bit out of the way from daily routine, so thats why I stock up. However, a problem that I've experienced on some cases is that over time, the gum tends to dry out, which is quite frustrating after having rolled a beaut, for it not to stick perfectly. So I ask thee blades, where is the best place to store papers to prevent them from drying out? Thanks.
  2. Rolling papers dry out?
  3. In with him ^^, didn't know they dried out. Do you happen to have a humidor, do you? Haha
  4. Not the papers, the gumline.
  5. If your worried about them drying out throw all your papers in a ziplock bag. Mine have never dried out
  6. keep them wet?
  7. I think the gum strip is absorbing moisture and then drying.
    It happened to me once when I left my papers in the garage, just keep them in a mason jar.
  8. keep them wet
  9. Move to Florida, nothing dries out here :)
  10. Don't buy so many at a time so they don't all dry out before you get to use them

  11. This ^ /thread
  12. I keep my bud in ziplock bags or air tight medicine bottles, and it stays fresh for weeks. But that's like buying a box of 40 blunts :p I don't smoke joints.

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