Preventing mold growth in a brand new mattress...

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  1. Tried googling this every which way... help me out blades!

    recently switched from a waterbed to a kickass (and uber expensive) mattress and box spring set. well, i partied a little hard last night, and threw up on it lol. since i didn't have a waterproof mattress protector or for that matter any sheets that properly fit said mattress, i puked directly on the mattress.

    i plan on keeping this mattress until it's no longer supportive and comfy (years and years, hopefully) so i don't want a bunch of mold growing on the inside giving me health problems years from now (nothing i had to worry about with a waterbed... but i also don't wanna be a hunchback when i'm older)

    i cleaned it the best i could, it didn't sit there for very long, but the "stain" is still there... (fucking buffalo wings... ugh!) i'm thinking water with bleach will take care of it... but i ripped off the tag that had the cleaning instructions or whatever on it lol. don't wanna damage the mattress...
  2. You ripped off the tag?! I'm afraid there's just no help for you, my friend.

    Seriously, just make sure the mattress can dry out properly. No moisture = no mold.
  3. Just pee on the vomit stain. Your urine will kill any mold or bacteria and neutralize the odor immediately.
  4. i can only hope the vodka i threw up disinfected my vomit. thanks guys!
  5. HAH! I love that your username is Papa Georgio.

    Unfortunately that is all I have to contribute to this thread. :hide:
  6. Try some lysol
  7. checked out the sealy website, turns out them new-fangled mattresses are designed to be mold resistant. they recommend cleaning with water and a mild soap... lol. harsh soaps may damage the fancy soft stuff on the inside.

    shit i never had to worry about with a water bed... a vinyl bag filled with water.
  8. Immediate carpet/ mattress "1st aid" for vomit (or other bodily fluids).

    1. Clean up what you can.

    2. Dump baking soda on it until you can't see the stain.

    3. Let it sit.

    4. Get out the shop vac and vac it up.

    The baking soda neutralizes stomach acids, absorbs the liquids for easier removal and helps to eliminate any odors. (We have cats that occasionally eat more mice than they should, and wall to wall carpets.)

    There are lots of chemical stain removers, but I'd first try some hydrogen peroxide, dabbed on and let evaporate. It won't leave a lasting smell like some stain removers can.

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    I find this hilarious,I'm so glad that wasn't me:smoke:

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