pretty tight shirt

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by KAdernal, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. I went to Jamaica a couple months ago and picked up this shirt i watched the guy paint it all and I got to smoke a nice rasta spliff with him... its a pretty tight shirt IMO


    oh and thats not sweat on there, I took the pic after i went wakeboarding today and my shirt got a little wet.
  2. didnt even notice the water shit
  3. that is so fucking cool man damn + rep
  4. thanks for the +rep, Im glad you guys are feelin my shirt cus im in love with it. Not only is it just so cool looking, but when im wearing it everyone gives me these looks and Im just like yea I love weed, fuck you all. I might have to break it out on 4/20 or rock my bob marley shirt where his whole face is made out of chronic leaves.
  5. that shirt is fucking sick dude im in love with it too
  6. Thats a badd asss shirt! +rep dude
  7. ha thats awesome, i like that its a pot leaf but not colored green for once.

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