Pretty Sure Some People Spray Their Weed With Alcohol..

Discussion in 'General' started by stonehead, May 20, 2013.

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    So the other day a buddy was over talking about how some of his dealers spray their weed with alcohol(most likely ispopryl) when its really dry and it brings out the smell in the weed.. My dad told him hes fucking stupid to smoke it knowing that lol. Now the other day a friend commented on my weed tasting like hash, and immediate stoned thoughts being 'must be some good weed, people being able to grow so much thc it taste like hash''... But as i began to think about it could it be the hash taste is a reminder of the hash taste people make with isopropryl alcohol..? and could this weed have  been sprayed with it.. gonna ask my dealer cuz fuck that i wont smoke grade A weed anymore if its the issue. i can get good herb for cheaper just not shelf names n shit
    Edit: I also burned a nug with a liter just to see what it smells like, and oddly enough it smells like hash not just weed.. is this just for me or if you hold a lighter under a nug to vape it a lil does yours smell like just straight dank? cause when mine burns, it doesnt smell the way the herb does.. its strange, i know its not supposed to smell exactly like it, but not really even a tint

  2. nothing can make the smell of weed stronger. it depends on how it's grown and taken care of
  3. You must be high as fuck. :hippie:.  holding a lighter to a nug, to check its smells    :laughing:
  4. that's the dumbest thing ive ever heard. a dealer isn't gonna ruin his rep by putting alcohol in his bud.
  5. If a bud was soaked in iso. You'd sure as hell notice it.
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    I've heard of people spraying butane on their weed because it supposedly extracts more of the the THC than you'd get just by smoking and ends up being like a concentrate coating your weed. As long as you use pure a pure solvent, it should evaporate in theory, but I think it's still extremely bad form if he's doing it without informing every single one of his customers and without their consent.
  7. How? What if it evap's?
  8. Only a stupid grower would do that shit. Lol 
  9. Hahaha iso is highly flamable so if you held a lighter to a nugget sprayed with it, the whole nug would have caught, secondly it evaporates at room temp anyway, could be sprayed for weight, if it even is at all.
    actually iso is available in many different percentages, the 99% obviously being flamable, but 70 60, etc percent not as much if sprayed..  
    And i agree only a stupid grower would do that cause if they have to spray it to retain its smell they didn't cure it right.
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    I'm pretty sure my dealer is putting weed in my alcohol. Damn him. I want a drink, not fucking drugs. People say"oh it makes the alcohol taste better; it's fine if they add it after the brewing process." BULL-DICK Fuckshit! Weed added in alcohol at any point is dangerous and makes you play Russian Roulette with your fucking life! YOU WANT TO PUT A FUCKING LOADED GUN IN YOUR MOUTH! CUZ THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE FUCKING DOING TO PEOPLE.
    Needed to get that off my chest.
  12. Doesn't alcohol dissolve trichomes?
  13. If your bud had alcohol on it that would be all you would smell, alcohol has such a strong smell I am sure it would overpower the bud.
    That actually makes a lot of sense especially since people often inhale butane when they smoke anyway.
  15. so confused by this lmao i think i found BD in my vodka!!! damn you!!!1

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