Pretty sure my coworkers boyfriend beats her

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  1. Everytime i see her theres something new wrong with her like a black eye, bruises, shes limping. All i know about him is hes a fireman. I dont think shes fighting other girls because shes very calm and submissive barely even whispers to peopleShould i tell someone or what?
  2. HR?
    Anonymous tip to police?
    Not sure.
  3. This is one of the rare instances where I would probably speak up myself.
  4. fuck no don't tell anyone just because you're suspect. that's a horrible thing to be wrongly accused of. you need proof, not suspicion, when dealing with such a possibly serious situation.Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Just talk to her about it.  If she admits he beats her then you should urge that she seek help.  See if she's got a good story for all her minor injuries, or if its "fell down some stairs" type shit.  Just be human about it
  6. ask your coworker about it
    if you make a genuine effort and she doesn't respond then that means she doesnt want help.
  7. All you can do is ask her about her injuries and hope she tells you the truth (which she won't) ,and then you can suggest she goes to the police (which she won't because she'll more than likely give you a pitty story about how he's a good guy that just has "problems") or you could also suggest she leave him (which she again more than likely won't and will just give you some bs story about how much they "love" each other and their just going through a "rough patch"). I've been in your situation a lot op ,and can honestly tell you that there's nothing much you can do but talk to her and suggest different actions she COULD take but probably won't until the day comes he nearly kills her (and maybe not even then).
  8. I thought about telling management but theyre shoddy at best ive voiced opinions on another worker in his 40s that makes sexual comments to other workers that are young (16) so i dont think they would do anything because they didnt then
  9. Yeah, you should definitely talk to her before you report it id say. One, because you could be totally wrong, but more importantly if he does theres a reason she hasnt left.

    There is a very small chance he beats her and forcibly keeps her in the relationship. If he is hurting her just confronting him about it wont change their dynamic. Shit hell probably beat her even harder over it.

    The only way to help her is to talk to her and if something is going on to make her realize she cant stay.
  10. Ok so i came in from break and apparently she passed out in the bathroom just now and shes shaking like its 10 degrees in here, idk if she is getting abused maybe she got a bad text or something? Shit with this girl gets odder everytime we work together
  11. Beat him with his hose.
    Ask her. No fluff...Just ask her what is going on, that you are concerned. You'll know if she dodges the question. And if he is....TCB however you TCB. And I'll be cool with that.
    Shit bro...get you a lawyer, say he sexually harassed you, call them as witnesses, and they'll say he did it to them too. Make a few bills and they'll wish they had spoke up first. Plus he'll be gone. Two birds one with stoner...that's what I always say. LOL
  14. [quote name="fearjar" post="19442096" timestamp="1391191294"]Shit bro...get you a lawyer, say he sexually harassed you, call them as witnesses, and they'll say he did it to them too. Make a few bills and they'll wish they had spoke up first. Plus he'll be gone. Two birds one with stoner...that's what I always say. LOL[/quote]lol apparently he quit today so his creepy ass is gone
  15. If she passed out maybe she has a medical condition, and has passed out before, causing the injuries?I'm not defending her boyfriend, but everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt when it's something so serious.Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. i would say go to the ssupposed victim directly. it sucks getting wronly accusedd of domestic violence, especially when its nothing but suspicion and assumption. get proof, go direct to the source.
  17. Thissss.
    see if she wants the help or not, because she could not want anyone to interfere or help.
    or vice versa
  18. Im going to ask her next time we work together i didnt want to ask today because she was basically hyperventilating and the managers were all standing around her, definitely not the right tim
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    I'm not saying don't do anything, but if you're going to do something you'd better be damn sure that's what's going on. Because if you're wrong, the shit's going to be on your head dude. I would maybe get to know her, talk to her? That's not the only explanation you know. She could be anemic (anemics bruise incredibly easily). She could be undergoing cancer treatment, again with the bruising, and it would explain the emotionalness. Or she could just be clumsy. I look abused most of the time and I'm just extraordinarily clumsy.
    But even if that's what's going on, you really can't help her unless she wants to be helped.
  20. LOL black eye didn't give it away?

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