Pretty sure it's male

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  1. Guys, this is my first grow... See attached picture, I am pretty sure it is male. Please confirm.

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    It's pretty difficult to distinguish any flowers at all based on your image. All I can see for certain are stipules and some questionable/unidentifiable features on the uppermost node, which may be male flowers, but need better image to decide.
  3. Look up at the higher branches... It is in the upper part of the picture. See the oblong node?
  4. Looks male to me but I'd have to see a better close up pic
  5. Please take a better shot of that upper node.
  6. I wish I could.... This was the best shot I got out of 8 tries. Can someone give me advise on how to take close up pics? The camera I used is like a 10 mp camera, but whenever I do a soom, it actually makes it blurier.
  7. male.......
  8. I don't have to... It's the only plant living. I only had 1 plant survive out of a 10 seed try, and this is it. eventually I will plant some more come spring, with the 23 "free" seeds that came with the 5 afgan seeds... BTW what strain or type do you think I'll get out of those seeds? I bought the seeds from Amsterdam seeds.
  9. no question that's a male
  10. see those 2 little balls at the upper internode, check to see if they are attached to the stem directly or if there is a tiny stem attatching. If there is a stem it's a male if not, most likely female. You will probably need a magnifier. That has always worked for me.
  11. I ended up pulling off the preflower to see what you were asking about. And I guess I would have to say that it did have a tiny tiny stem. but the part holding it on (what could be the stem, was almost the same diameter as the ball thing. Basically the second ball thing that was closest to the plant stem WAS the stem.

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