Pretty sure I have a male, EXCEPT FOR THIS?

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  1. Two of my outdoor plants seem to have the balls I've read about and seen in photos. But only one has balls bunched like bananas up to the top "bud", whereas the other one seems to have white hairs- gee, almost like a flower- on the top? I've attached this photo.

    Is this actually a hermie with a flower?


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  2. looks female, but need a closer look to be certain, you want to look in the gap between stems as that is where you'll be able to tell sex first.
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  3. I peeled a top leaf back to show the features around it- see photo. Definitely looks like some balls around it, I'm just bothered by the presence of what looks like white hairs in a flower form. Maybe that will disappear as more balls grow over its top, I don't know.

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  4. That's a definite herm. Cut it kill it hit it with a bat! Nothing good comes from herms.
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  5. Issa hermi man. Cut that fucker down. You dont want itts genetics and you dont want it pollinating your females.
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  6. K thanks everyone. I sang a song from the 70s and took my lop shears to them, brought them inside and stood them up against the back door, cried and then went grocery shopping.
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