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Pretty stoked!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DTK, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hi GC, been bit of a lurker around here for a bit but have finally decided to post :wave:

    Never really had the need the post before,but you guys seem like a pretty chill bunch of people :D Tried smoking for the first time when i was 16, didnt really enjoy it and didnt try it again till near christmas when i was 17 and after i only smoked once or twice a week but since i turned 18 last September...:hello:
    Been smoking almost daily over the past 7 months and been really enjoying it, my tolerance is still pretty low aswell which helps with the odd day or two break. My own parents dont know, but i stay at my girlfriends heaps and they are cool about it, her stepdad smokes heaps! Tried acid aswell near easter, willing to maybe do it again soon.

    But anyway.. i recently got this new dealer after my old one kept screwing me around by taxing my deals heavily but i guess thats what can sometimes happen with using middle men. Yes i was bit of an idiot for not realising but thats what happens if your not too familiar with the amounts and shit lol

    So this new dealer was organised by my girlfriends mother who used to smoke the herb, he is really reliable and gives me what i pay for, even drops it off to me aswell which is cool as fuck! I found him to be an awesome guy and he actually comes into my work which is near his place and buys food,
    i usually give him a couple of free drinks (only done this twice and know its not good to do) and then today when he drops off my bud i get the biggest surprise, i get my usual $25 stick and as a bonus for the free drinks, another $10 worth of extra free bud. ftw!

    Pretty lame but you know, i dont buy much at a time so it really is fucking awesome and i'm stoked.

    In short: Got screwed over by old dealer, found a new one thats reliable, gave him some free drinks from work and then got some bonus bud next time i brought from him!

    Just chilling back with the bong tonight thinking how cool this dude is compared to the last:p sorry for the long post or introduction you could say, smoke on dudes
  2. gratz dood! good deal on the new hookup
  3. Sounds badass dude. :D

    Id love to have a dealer like that, you see my dealers are not very reliable. Usually I go through a middleman, and I have to switch around to different people and they go pick it up for me or else a certain person isn't answering their phone or is out, so basically it's always sketchy for me and you never know what's gonna happen or what you're gonna get.. I have smoked for awhile but as I don't buy so often, I don't have the connections Id like, and lose connections that I do.

    Anyways, welcome to the city and hope to see more posts from you. :smoke:
  4. Congratulations on finding a respectable dealer. Enjoy :)
  5. Word, thats a dealer worth keeping. Just find different ways to hook him up and im sure he'll keep lookin out for you.
  6. Yeah man i'll see what i can think of lol any ideas?
  7. Well dealers make their money selling bud so he'd probably appreciate it if you recommended him to some of your friends.
  8. Yeah but some dealers don't just sell bud for a living, they do it in their spare time for a couple extra dollars.
    Whatever you do don't just hand his name and number without making sure it's cool first.
    The last thing some dealers want is to have some random number txting them 20 times in an hour looking for bud, it can sketch them out.
  9. goodluck man.

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