Pretty simple but hard hitting homemade bong

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by MunchiesMan420, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. First off, i got the idea of using a paintball pod from whoever posted the other paintball pod waterfall bong thread. Well i just made this baby about 5 minutes ago, using a paintball pod, electrical tape, and a trumpet piece.

    Pretty simple homemade bong but needless to say it rips pretty well and im baked right now :smoking:

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  2. nice toys kid
  3. lol its just a steam roller
    is that the right term?
  4. Nah man its a bong
  5. OHHHH!!!!!
    dude I totally diddnt see the stem
  6. dahaha macgyver for sure.
  7. good work, id imagine a trumpet piece works pretty well as a bowl. better than some of the shit ive tried anyway.
  8. I love trumpet pieces, theyre so useful and work amazingly. I also have a trombone piece, and that shits huge you can pack like 3 grams in one bowl
  9. I now just noticed that the liquid your using in your homemade is not water
    Nice homemade btw
    What are you using as a replacement for your bong water?
  10. Before i made the piece into a bong it was a waterfall bong, so the black stuff on the bottom that you think is water turns out to be electrical tape, but im using plain old water in it.

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