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Pretty pissed off :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BigBong, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. I sent my iPhone 3G to apple because the screen was caked with dust and I wait 3 weeks, get it back and its the same damn phone I sent away! They said they discovered "water damage" but I have never had it near water Im so pissed right now!
  2. That "water damage" bull-shit fucks people over because all it takes is even a slight bit of humidity to make that thing turn pink. Sucks, but hey, they're smart for making that haha, saves them a lot of money

    Just buy a 3GS
  3. if it was dusty why didnt you just clean the screen yourself? :/

  4. Yeah, am i missing something or did you really send it in because of dust on the screen :confused:
  5. if its just dust then what is the problem
  6. All the reason to switch to another carrier.

    Android blows Iphones away anyway.
  7. Naw, there was dust under the glass screen like on the LCD screen which you can't access but whatever I'm about to rip a bowl.
  8. BigBear has had apple replace 3 iPhones (one with water damage) for free :D
  9. Hahaha Bigbear I love your name. I might just go to the 3GS but my only question would be would it make my 3 year contract start over?

  10. BigBear is not quite sure. You may be eligible for an upgrade to the 3gs.
    And BigBear appreciates the compliment :smoking:.
  11. Ahahaha your funny man

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