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pretty nutty story

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrghozt, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. so my good friend grows...and is very careful about it...he is nice enough to let me trim with him when he harvests and pays me well...anyways...this last harvest was about 3x the normal amount, so we brought in someone we both trusted....we spent about 20 hours trimming over two days....we were almost done, he has a HUGEEEEE branch with nugs on it (prob at least about 2 ounces)...he procedes to stand over the table and say, im taking this, and if u dont like it ill fuck u up wose than u can imagine.....soooo me and my buddy are like wtf? take the branch and beat it faggot....i guess he saw this as weakness? so he proceeds to say, ima take it all actually fuck theres about 900 grams laying around on trays, tables, everywhere....

    a small tussle insues as he tries to grab bud and run i guess? idk what he was thinking

    anyway, me and my friend get him on the ground just like "yo wtf chill the fuck out dude"

    and he chilled, and said he was sorry and would leave right away...we start walking him to the door, he makes a 180 for the bud, and pours an entire 24oz bud light all over the table......FUCKING GUY...i dont think i need to finish this story for u guys...
  2. Lol he tried to jack you guys, poured beer in the house, and all you told him to do was chill out? Fuck that kid, I woulda knocked him out and dump him in the street.
  3. That deserves a serious ass whopping.
  4. I would of killed him
  5. 2 on 1 inside your buddys house and someone tries to tell you there taking your weed? then poor beer on it? that fucker would have been locked in my basement and fed once a week
  6. He wouldn't have come out of my house in one piece after that lol, just saying. I think back long ago, people had their hands cut off for stealing correct? I'd cut that guys fingers right off lol..
  7. Why bother feeding him? :smoke:
  8. this still happens today it the middle east, and op u and ur friend are pussies. i would have beat the fuck ouuta that kid...
  9. this ^
  10. Wow...sorry man but how could you guys let him get away with that? I'm not saying kill the guy,but he definitely needed long have you known him?
  11. like i said...i didnt need to finish this story :)
  12. I woulda taken him to his house, taken all his shit so I can buy bud to make up for what he fucked up, plus I woulda fucked him up so bad then dropped him off in an alley with horny crackheads. ur location is Cali/NYC, you can find em in both places.
    He thinks he can't be raped, but a [crackhead] rapist doesn't care what he thinks:devious:

    maybe id do more but im too high to go too in depth to it, and too hungry all i can think about is food, omlord i ate a blt from red robin the other day hol;y moly donuts was it good! i want another:D
  13. FYI for everyone....
    he did NOT get away with it trust me....
    not tryna sound like a tough guy, but like yall said...two on 1 we werent gonna fuck him up too bad....but then he poured the beer....things went south for him very quickly at that point....VERY QUICKLY
  14. we have known him for about 20 years.....this is what u get when u try to help someone who is struggling out (and is also a piece of shit)

    dont worry guys, he got what was coming to him, no details needed...lets just say he wont be trying that again or anything similar to that ever again....
  15. haha what a great 500th post..... :hello:
  16. I can't even imagine this happening. What was your relationship with him that made you think you could trust him with such an amazing amount of bud? Was this completely surprising that he did this? Or just like "oh, wow, figures" sort of thing? I'm so fucking curious. This is nuts.
  17. wow....

    Homie dont play that.

    He would be in a dark hole right now .
  18. I would hit him where god split him

  19. Lol this rhymes and sounds clever enough to be a normal saying....but I've never heard it and also don't get it. you'd hit him in his butt?
  20. You kidding me, bro? This proves why people cannot be trusted. I only ever smoke with people I trust with my life, and never at my own home. Shit will just get fucked. I'm sorry to hear it, man. Shoulda been more careful.

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