Pretty much no leaves left but still nice buds. HELP!

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  1. I have a problem with my plants and I don't know what to do . One has nice buds but there are like no leaves left on it because they all dried up and curled . I tried moving the light and also flushing but now im still worried because the plant fell over. The stem gave way i guess. Root rot maybe? the soil doesn't dry fast at all .

    I'm using a 250 watt hps and black gold organic soil with fox farm nutes. I used the feeding chart that came with it untill i started flushing. Should I harvest soon or keep it going?? [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I totally f'ed up because I figured i didn't need to keep track of how long it's been flowering and whatnot because I know how to identify the trichomes when they are ready and I would use my microscope so I don't really know how long they have been going but if i would have to guess then id say about 4 or 5 weeks of flowering
  2. Looks like nute burn to me. I had a buddy, same look, he fried his plants with his nutes, and his plants look just like yours.

    Way to rep the MAC!

    Thizz or Die!!
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  3. Yea thats what I figured .. Guess I will continue with no nutes for a while . Chyeah RIP Furly
  4. Flush for 5-10 mins
    Then proceed with 1/3 nutes is what i usually do. Four One Five Fever Rip Furly Ghost
  5. i'm a first time grower only using a 400w HPS please tell me what nutes mean??????? id like to prevent this from happening to my plants

    and am sorry about your plants they look ill you could try misting them with water it might help what ever you have done stop doing it you might just see new leaf

    please tell me what nute means??????

  6. you dont mist plants in flower you can cause th bud to mold nutes are your fertilizer way it looks no more nutes for him if they are still alive just flush flush to save what he has
  7. thanks :) pleased you said about the misting them i didnt know that ether im new to this i just thought if plants look dry which they do best thing was to mist them ok my theory was wrong am sorry for that please dont mist your plants as the member just corrected me about it i was just trying to help you not fuck your plants up my bad am sorry : (

    thanks for telling me what nutes are am just using miricle grow plant pore n feed it seems to be a mild fertilizer
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  8. hell i'm pretty new 2 this is only my 3rd grow ever but alls you have to do is read read read all kinds of info out there
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    you know something i hate researching for growing weed all people are doing is hating on the plant coz its illegal i hate reading it fucks with ya mind its bad for you its this its that i am please i found this site i found it last week i think seems to be good

    everywhere else just looks down on us as if we criminals or some shit we not we just grow plants and get happy from it wheres the crime in been happy

    i also have learning disablity called O.D.D so that could be the reason am so thick

  10. your good bro. no reason to apollogize. do what makes you happy and live your life for yourself. just don't cause harm to others. and to the OP flush flush flush ad harvest a few days later. don't think your plants will bounce back this late in the game
  11. I think your problem is with your pots... The bottom of them has a water catch, you should remove this. Yes it will pull right off. Then you can get a proper flush. As opposed to a overfert I think you were shy on Phoshorus. It will eat the leaves and turn them yellow then dry them up completely as it looks for P.
  12. breaking an unjust law, does not make you an unjust man IMO
  13. thing i disagree with is its sold to people including children i cant agree with adults selling kids it if you buy soild there no way of knowing what is in the mixture dealers do this to make money i dont agree with that ether or that the money we pay pays for other crime and the real drugs

    what i do agree with is people should be allowed to grow and smoke there own shit i cant see a thing wrong with that can you?
  14. how long did it take you to get bud growing i have 400w HPS and id like to have an idea on how long you had to wait to get buds???????
  15. it depends. a week maybe two after you switch to 12/12 light cycle buds will start forming and get fatter over time. I say this but it all depends on if your plant is matured or not. if your new node sites are growing offset of eachother then you know your plant is ready to go into flower. you could keep vegging. just depends on how big of a plant you would like
  16. no, no NO. he clearly over ferted these plants, i've finished plants in flower without a single drop of fertalizer that looked just as healthy as the others, but yielded slightly, (5-10%) less, at the exact same potency.

    your over ferting dude, lay off the fertlizer next time. as soon as you see any yellowing of the leaves do not give them any fertalizer for at least 3 waterings.

    i know you may not believe me, but look at the plant you just grew and understand that you are not doing it right the way you are currently growing, and if you ever want good results you will have to change something. and i hope for your sake you listen to me, and change your ferts.
  17. If you have ODD, it may be a good idea not to smoke pot. Go seek your doctor and find a good cure.
    Amphetamines are sometimes used as a treatment.

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  18. well i must be doing the wrong thing then i have been haven my new baby plants on 12/12 since they rooted i couldnt have my light on more than 12 hrs a day it would cost to much to run i cant really afford it but i want some bud i suppose if it does work out ok i wont be buying shitty £20 bags of weed instead al have a few 1lbs bags which is way more than the usual 1.7 gram
  19. phete ha ha lol i just got off that stuff it was making me worse i prefer feeling happy not suicidle weed makes me feel happy spped makes me feel horrible i cant go through that again
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  20. i gotta say something about your comment 3 waterings???? that wont take long will it am forever watering my plants the bloody light keeps drying them out and i just got a 400 HPS you lot will have something like 1000w i just have the baby so yours will dry out even quicker i say stick to ferting ya plants 1 a month then you cant go wrong
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