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pretty much just got jacked :/

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DrGr33nThumb215, May 15, 2011.

  1. my mom's bf woke up from a nap i was chilling downstairs he ask me if i got some weed, i tell him in my room, he tells me to get it i give him a gram of some bomb as club weed some headband, and usually he cashes me out, i was thinking i was gonna get 20 bucks for my gram, but he goes can i have this and keeps it without paying now that he is gone 20 minutes later, i want to smoke and he took my weed now i gotta go buy some more ....:eek: ever gotten jacked by your parents lol
  2. lol, shoulda spoken up.
  3. yeah it's called sharing. I wouldn't let them have the last bit though. you fucked up.
  4. that dude sounds like an asshole. but now next time he asks for some just laugh and make him pay u back
  5. Mention to him that the stuff isn't free, and you were expecting a 20. If he's a dick about it, sounds like someone isn't getting any more of your herb.
  6. skiing with my friend and his dad on a powder day, David (friends dad) asks us if we want to go blaze before lunch. we decline because were too stoked on the powder and arnt gonna stop for lunch, besides, we have a little chillum with a bowl packed so were good. turns out he doesnt have weed and was asking us if we wanted to cause he needed a smoke down, so we tell him go break out our nugz from the console in the car. he calls us later and says he'll see us back at the house cause hes tired. we get back to the car and go to smoke a nice relaxing end of the day hit before gettin some dinner and all the weed is gone, like a solid gram and a half or two. David wasnt even tired, he just got too high with his friend he saw in the parking lot cause they smoked all our weed. made up for it with having steaks and mashed potatoes waiting when we got back.
  7. lol you didn't get jacked, you got swindled!
  8. its cool though cause he was like how much is that worth right there and it was like a bowl and i go i dont know and he is like take 20 bucks for it, and i was like you can just have it cause i didnt want to rip him off, but its good he is basically family, i am trying to get a hold of my homie to get some more herb though kind of annoying its saturday and i think he is out with his old lady....damnn why did i give away my weed
  9. Next time you see him, just walk up casually and say something like "did you get a chance to get the $20 for the weed the other day"? Say it when you're alone and in a friendly and sincere manner, without any sign that it's a big deal (which I know is not, but it sucks nevertheless). See how he reacts. It'll give you an idea of what he's like.

    It's not over yet.
  10. i just let it go lol not that big of an issue i actually owed him some bud cause he drove me to yuba city which is like a 2hr drive from where i live and back so instead of giving him gas money i was supposed to give him some weed and i forgot, so we are even i guess im not tripping though and it is not like i don't see him that often he lives at my moms house usually i get him high for free because weed is always in excess, except during this time of year when the drought hits and i haven't harvested in a while my next crop is about 6 weeks away from harvest so its gonna be a ruff couple weeks lol
  11. Next time tell him if he wants a gram it's gonna be 40 take it or leave it
  12. break his kneecaps. that was your last gram.

    but seriously, dont be a noob when you're down to a gram YOU DONT HAVE ANY WEED SORRY
  13. so basically he took weed that you owed him? so you didnt get jacked then. csb
  14. what a dick, my dad gives me weed, not steal mine. lol
  15. I was at home today, and Mom's BF shows up wants some weed, im like alright so i plugged him with a cool 2 gram 20 bag and smoked him out, i was gonna give him 2 for 40 but im too nice of a guy, he wants me to go down south and work with him this week but iunno.....
  16. Take a 50 out his wallet and be like "can i have this?" and just walk away.
  17. Go steal his stash..

  18. i believe that is called stealing but it works lol

    no idea where he keeps it to be honest the only times i have seen him holding he carries it on him
  19. i dont see why this is such a big issue, next time you see him just ask him to hit you back with either cash or bud, and stop buying in grams its bad for your could pick up a little extra each time u get some for him or something.....i dunno work something out with him hes not gonna bite you
  20. u should have offered to smoke a bowl with him and explain that u need ur meds and that was all u had.

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