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Discussion in 'General' started by IvGotMilk, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Do you ever get the feeling a girl is TOO pretty to fuck?

    I think I got that feeling just now and don't like it:eek:

  2. Yo dude what is that.


    I'm not a paranoid :hide:
  3. no You posted a link
  4. too pretty to fuck? no.

    but a lot of girls i see are too pretty, in a way.

    a way that causes me a lot of pain.
  5. Never too pretty to have sex with. Only too pretty to approach.
  6. OP just found out he's gay.
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    Here me out. I mean if you saw a reallly pretty girl (woman) and you liked her (obv) you wouldn't wanna fuck her straight away. I guess my OP was kinda vague.
    Let me rephrase - you wouldn't wanna fuck her RIGHT away. Otherwise you got nothing to fantasize/ look forward to.

    You're point is very well sustained... However.. Your mother
  8. I don't get it
  9. .........when i see a pretty girl, i think about banging her. that's me though.

    proper use of your/you're fail
  10. No one is too pretty to be fucked.

  11. You get bored of her aand ruin the prettiness away
  12. if a girl is extremely attractive, I don't see how fucking her could make her less attractive at all..

  13. I guess it's kinda different for me then.

    I mean if i see a hot girl then I'll think that right then too.
    Same with sexy girl.
    But pretty girls are delicate.
    IM NOT GAY :smoking:
  14. Wait I just thought of good wording.

    Different kind of attractiveness in girls

  15. ...............

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