Pretty Funny Joke My friend told Me..

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  1. one day at this farm a pig was playing in the mud but the mud started drying up and the pig got stuck in the middle...the pig started crying for help but the owner of the farm was dead the pig starts yellin at the top of his lungs''SOMEONE HELP ME IM GONNA DIE IF I DONT GET OUT OF HERE''a horse overheard the pig crying and ran up to the pig and said ''pig whats wrong''the pig replied''i need you to go get the masters car to pull me out''so sure enough the horse ran down to the masters ferrari drove it up to the pig and pulled him out the pig thanked him and went about his Buisness...The next day the same thing happened so the horse runs up and the pig once again tells him to go get the ferrari and pull him the horse runs down and about 5 minutes later gallops back up to the pig saying''pig the ferraris all locked up i mean i dont know what to do i think your gonna do''the pig replied ''FIND SOMETHING YOU CANT JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THIS''the horse thinks and out of nowhere throws out his dick to the pig and says grab on,,the pig grabbed on and the horse pulled him out.....

    Whats The Moral of the story?

    If you Got A Big Dick You Dont Need A Ferrari :p
  2. Hahaha, That was pretty good.
  3. dude that was fucking great. + rep
  4. haha thats a good 1

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