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pretty funny convo with a friend

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Im2Trill, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. edited out the aim screen names for personal reasons. but we were both stoned off our asses

    its worth the few minutes i thought it was pretty funny when i scrolled back through it later on.

    My Friend (6:28:43 PM): ya you need weeeeeedddd
    My Friend (6:28:54 PM): and munchies
    My Friend (6:29:06 PM): and some of those fuckin little graham crackers man
    My Friend (6:29:12 PM): fuckin animal crackers
    My Friend (6:29:13 PM): *****
    Me (6:29:16 PM): teddy grahams man
    Me (6:29:20 PM): teddy grahams
    My Friend (6:29:28 PM): teddy fucking motherfuckers
    Me (6:29:43 PM): gra ham
    Me (6:29:44 PM): hahah ham
    My Friend (6:29:50 PM): grandma ham
    My Friend (6:29:51 PM): lmfao
    My Friend (6:29:53 PM): MLFAO
    My Friend (6:29:54 PM): LMFAOOOO
    Me (6:29:56 PM): lmfao
    Me (6:30:03 PM): that bitch got some boney ass ham under her
    My Friend (6:30:06 PM): grandma hamburgler @ tuesday
    Me (6:30:15 PM): naa at wal-mart man
    Me (6:30:22 PM): i went to wal-mart at 3am and saw big foot
    My Friend (6:30:26 PM): bullshit
    Me (6:30:29 PM): he was using the little blood pressure arm squeezy thing
    My Friend (6:30:31 PM): bullshitbullshitbullshit
    My Friend (6:30:39 PM): LOLLLLL
    My Friend (6:30:45 PM): BS
    Me (6:30:47 PM): yeah and he had 1 of those little hats with the helicopter wheels on top
    Me (6:30:56 PM): it was spinninga round and he busted through the roof
    Me (6:30:56 PM): LOL
    My Friend (6:31:05 PM): LMFAO NO WAYY
    Me (6:31:15 PM): yeah dude it was crazy he was yoddling n shit as he flew around
    My Friend (6:31:42 PM): WTF
    My Friend (6:31:45 PM): BULLSHIT
    My Friend (6:31:56 PM): DUDE
    Me (6:31:59 PM): yeah yeah welkl ur fucking cunt is bullshit u know dude
    My Friend (6:32:06 PM): BIGFOOT IS IN THE FOREST
    Me (6:32:06 PM): yeah but isnt the world just a great big forest?
    My Friend (6:32:11 PM): NO
    My Friend (6:32:15 PM): ITS 80% FUCKING WATER
    My Friend (6:32:16 PM): DUDE
    My Friend (6:32:18 PM): LMFAO
    Me (6:32:19 PM): theres woods n shit all around wal-mart
    Me (6:32:26 PM): u just gotta explore more
    Me (6:32:45 PM): like we explore the woods, bigfoot explores the human area,s he was just exploring man
    My Friend (6:32:49 PM): theres no forests by my walmart
    Me (6:33:06 PM): hamhawks man

    edit: if u have any hillarious convo's u n ur buds have had stoned post them up here!
  2. what just happened hhaha
  3. Im stoned and I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!!! :smoking:

  4. + rep as well !!!!

  5. thanks man im glad u enjoyed haha, u got any =P?

  6. Haha yea I was at my friends apartment today blazing with some cool ppl. After we finished we always just talk so we talk and every sentence we say we interpret it as hilarious (cuz we are high) so like we laughed for 5 minutes. It was one of those you had to be there sayings... yea im blazed lol :D:smoking:

  7. haha nice, i love those moments with friends man, u cant beat it.

  8. Haha, best part of the whole thread

  9. No thats the best part. :D:hello::smoking:
  10. i guess i have to be high for that to be funny:confused_2:
  11. im not going to lie that was the funnies convo i have ever read i just laughed soooo hard lol i cant even like breath lol.

  12. yea im blazed n red it...was pretty funny good one...the fact tht he was like just like we explore forests...big foot explores human areas lol....hilarious bro
  13. Me too, just read this high. Lol pretty funny man
  14. yeah reading it high makes it funny as hell dunno about sober yet :]
  15. I'm sober and I found that hilarious. Especially the part about Bigfoot using the blood pressure machine.
  16. haha thanks all, i thought it was pretty funny, glad every1 else agreed, yall post some up!! i need a laugh haha.

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