pretty drunk right now

Discussion in 'General' started by tO thA fAce, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. anyone else?

    I want some fucking weed man, but I gotsz no $$ :(
  2. Later I will be drinking and smoking and enjoying myself.
  3. 95% chance that I'll be smashed tonight. Nothin' like going back to work with a monstrous hangover.
  4. Drunk by 1:30, you were on top of that shit.

    I'm sober as balls but will be getting a quarter for myself later I'm thinking :). Maybe just an eighth if something else comes up.
  5. I'm still goin' some nice Portuguese wine with sierra mist...haha it's doin me some godo i gotta say
  6. Ugh, Sierra Mist....Can't stand that stuff. Tastes like that powdery dishwasher soap and motor oil.
  7. Well it's a knockoff, called Twist Up.

    and I got like 3/4 wine - 1/4 twist up. So I'm getting mostly wine taste LOL
  8. Ima scatman!
  9. Haha, I know. The flash wouldn't be half as amusing if his story were actually going somewhere.
  10. I'm watching Pineapple Express, for the win broooooooooo's.
  11. How are you watching that movie? I have a cross joint to smoke, that would be cool to watch the movie while smoking it :)
  12. Nah no booze at my place rite now.

    Whenever i chill at my best bud's house i get smashed up.

    Folks come around my place alot unnanounced, so i gotta be careful.

    I got ripped out of my head last nite with my brother and best friend, goooood times.

    It was pitch black and i kept thinking i saw a deer.
  13. im drinking my second beer right now. im on my way.
  14. Hail to Smirnoff North.
  15. i gotta drive around for i wont be drinkin until 10ish. but ill be right there with ya!!

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