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Pretty dank pick up....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dolphin Weed, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Lol so yeah tell me what ya think

    Attached Files:

  2. Wrong board; also try focusing on the nug and not the counter-top.
  3. I think that this thread should be chillin in the stash jar. Bud looks dank looks like some Outdoor LA con I had not too long ago
  4. [quote name='"VacuousCL"']Wrong board; also try focusing on the nug and not the counter-top.[/quote]

    My bad. Hard as fuck to keep my hands steady haha
  5. Looks very dense! I like it :)
  6. What does it smell like? Does it sort of smell like shit?
  7. [quote name='"BLT"']Looks very dense! I like it :)[/quote]

    It's dense as fuck. Almost like a rock Lmao.
  8. Hmm. Not very green, but it still looks dank.

  9. I was told it was purp. Can't really know tho.
  10. It looks good nice trim, looks like master kush or something
  11. looks mediocre and / or old
  12. Very well manicured bud you got there my friend. Enjoy it!
  13. [quote name='"HxCurt"']looks mediocre and / or old[/quote]


  14. [quote name='"LongBottomLeaf"']Very well manicured bud you got there my friend. Enjoy it![/quote]

    Thx it smokes good!
  15. Looks so dense, i likey
  16. i'd smoke it...looks like it was tumbled to death though
  17. Nice sweet potato bro. :smoke:

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