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  1. So my current grow is going far better than I thought it would. This time I went all organic and did a huge upgrade to my lighting. That light is a 45w Full Spectrum LED and has a total of 225 lights in it. I love it but I think my plants love it on a whole nother level lol. Hell yeah. I'm glad I can see my improvements, and also glad to be able to share with all of you. Here they are.....
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  2. Looking way happy and healthy!

    Good job!
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  3. Thank You! I got a journal for this one too, if your interested in all the information and everything I've gone thru for them lol
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  4. Nice job!

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  5. Respect to all of you up there in Maine, I always see some of the dankest plants from there in High Times and other sites. Y'all are doin great!!!
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  6. 7 and 9 finger leaves at that age? Nice job. :thumbsup:
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