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pretty cool smoking spot for smaller towns.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brodown, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. well last night i was low on gas and i have some family staying with me so i can't smoke in my house at the moment.... so i was driving around and I live in a fairly large town but it's just getting big.. so we still have smaller town values, and i was thinking where can i smoke where i can turn the car off and just chill without anyone seeing.. then it happened .... a car dealership (not a big one with hundreds of cars) just a small little local owned one.... so i pull in with my lights off and just park in the front row looking at the street and lit up... just put my seat back and watched cars going by and well yeah i was watching the head of the blunt to make sure i was atleast hiding the bright red light a little bit... but anyways wicked cool spot to just stop and smoke if you are ever looking for something... i dunno i thought it was pretty sweet.

    just make sure you park in between some cars.:smoking:
  2. damn thats a good idea
  3. In my town the police always look in the car lots, Because where im from lots of Mexicans like to break into cars. We just smoke and drive.
  4. Seems like a cool idea but if the cops roll up on you, you might be in a bit of a bind
  5. Sounds like a pretty awesome idea. Would only work in some areas though.
  6. what i was thinking.. but if you can pull it off.. :smoking:

    my citys to busy for me to do that :(
  7. yeah thats whats great about living in a "smallish" town... even though it's starting to get out of hand...
  8. the best spots are like... parking the car and going for a walk...

    in the summer.. (if im not smoking out on the ocean.. or on the balcony or on the beach..)

    my friends and I go for a drive... park the car then hike up with bongs. chairs and a BUNCH of beer. and just chill somepleace with a view
  9. i wouldve never thought of that, it sounds like a good idea for the most part. i may try that next time i smoke in a car

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