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  1. so yesterday morning(around 10), waking me up, my buddy calls me up and tells me he wants to toke some bowls. i tell him id meet him at his house in 5 so i threw on some clothes real quick, pair of gym shorts and my slippers and i drive over, literally across the street:D. so i get there and park and he meets me at my car. i originally thought we were going to just box my car but he tells me we agree that it would be more mello sitting up in this gutter thing near his complex, its higher up on a hill so no one can see you. we walk up there and its about 10 30 so the sun is kind of right on us so we find this chill spot under some tree's. the day was so clear and idk i like blazing when the sky is really clear and has a sick view. so we are just chillin getting super faded(smoked 3 bowls between me and him out of his burb) and i realize how chill this sesh is. i just begin to look arround and notice all this natury shit, butterflys everyone, and there had to be atleast 100 bee's in this tree above just doing there own thing, pollinating shit i guess. stayed up there for about 30 minutes then i went home and munched the fuck out.:D
  2. Sounds like a good time! I love being high and experiencing how great nature really is.
  3. Sounds like a good time, I remember I smoked a joint outside one day and just sat by the pool and soaked up some sun, it was amazing. The day was perfect not too hot just right and a clear sky and all you could hear was the trees blowing in the wind. Man I can't wait to get my own place with a pool. Nature is great when your high.
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    yea man, when im smoking i usually get a completely differnt perception of things:hello:
    you think if you blow smoke on a bee, will it get faded?

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