Pretty Bummed Out Right Now.

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    Whats good Blades?

    aright here is the low down, I been doing good, had a Job, and money. I recently lost my job and now the time has come.

    I don't really have any money anymore cause I do not have a Job.
    (Been smoking everyday for the past 7 months now, before that I smoked but couldn not because i was on probation for a year.)

    I'm out of the stuff that makes me happy, weed.

    last night I smoked the last bowl out of my sac, and I was feeling good, watching the MTV Music Video Awards, after that I went to sleep. I woke up at 5:30 to get ready for class, realizing I don't have any weed, I'm not pissed off, Because I have a bowl with a lot of resin (all dank) so I was down for scraping my glass, I did that, have a damn good resin ball waiting to be smoked. after that I hopped in the shower got out and was getting ready to head out to class, 6:10. go back into my room get my Ipod and the Pipe, I was walking outside with the Ipod and pipe in my hand, dropped the Ipod in the grass. picked it up and as I picked it up, I guess I tilted my bowl to far forward, as i was bending down the ball rolled out. Fuck. It was in the grass. I was determined to find it, but no success:mad:(I was upset cause that was it of the anything that could get me stoned)It is finals week, and If you know me then you know I love being stoned before class, especially on test days. so I show up to class, sober and pissed about what happened, took 2 of the finals today. after that I went out in the parking lot to chill in my car for a while...and now I think I already miss the bud.

    -I am not even thinking about eating food. I don't know why, Just haven't Been hungry.
    - Everyone and Everything (except my girl) have been getting on my last nerve. and that is very hard to do.
    - oh and I have been achey and sore, and that hasn't let up either.

    I Just need my friend back. Ms. Mary Jane :(

    Thanks for hearing about my shitty day, I am going to go eat a snack, starting to get hungry. Finally!

    side note: It has almost been 24 hours since I last smoked.

    I want to tell you guys who do have some bud, Smoke it up, Enjoy it apperciate her. and Nature. and think how wonderful god is for putting Cannabis on earth.

    Rock on. :smoking::smoking:
  2. If that's the only thing bumming you out then I'd say you're doing pretty good right now honestly.
  3. sounds like a break would do you good
  4. i feel yor pain bro...
  5. I feel ya bro. My girl is away at summer school and I am back home, unemployed and broke. To make matters worse I cant smoke due to court/ possible probo, coming up. And on top of that My so called "friends" are not really in touch anymore and they too have gotten on my last nerves. I just wish time would fast forward to August so I can be back in college and back with my girl and hanging out with my friends from school. But hey, I'm alive and things could be much worse.
  6. A lot of other things are making upset, I am trying to make the best of everything, and I know there's people that have it a lot worse than me, I appreciate what I have and thank God, I appreciate everyone of you blades and if you are having some problems, I'll pray for you guys. I hope everything gets better for all of us :)
  7. There's no god. Atleast in my humble opinion.

  8. hell yeah. u no how many people are living homeless and diying and other shit. if thats the worst for u then ur living preetty dude.:smoking:
  9. Awww yea... Sorry dude your situation really kinda sucks. Good luck on all your finals though, and hope you find a new job soon. As crappy as my current living/school sitch is, at least I'm a senior about to graduate and have my first real job, it seems to keep getting better. Saving up money for college this fall, which I gotta pay for myself, and maybe a little weed when I can finally toke again :)
    Stay positive, and you can get through almost any situation. Trust me, I've been thru and seen my friends go thru a lot. What doesnt kill you, will only make you stronger. ;)
  10. and opinions are opinions, I'll respect yours, as long as you respect mine.
  11. Hold in there brother

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