Pretty Bad Problem And I Dunno What It Is?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by humphammer, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. This is an indoor grow.

    "Deimos" auto at day 58..

    I got a mixture from a local garden center and i think they lied and it has miracle grow style release feed in it or it needs feed bad.. like i said.. i'm a first time grower..... can someone please identify this for me?! One pic is a fan leaf and the other is a newer bud site side leaf area

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  2. Both are shown nute burn, the process of to much n.p.k. (nute) burning and blocking the roots, Flush with 3 times the volume of the pot with air temp. Ph neutral water, allow to recover in dim light, no food for 1-2 weeks or until you see a positive recovery
    A very difficult strain for a newbie to grow, good for you, though I'd recommend a simple White Widow or non smelly Northern Lights
    Many many stores sell soil mixes with fertilizer, no biggy just have to flush, and is an annoying but natural process
  3. Thanks for the tip.. im having trouble destinguishing between nute burn and def.. i thought it may be (P) DEF. So new to this.... and yeah, i kinda jumped right in with the deimos.. i think i need one that requires little or no nutes nearly.. lol.. i so wanna succeed at this

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  4. Oh for pity's sake anyone knows that is durban poison just by looking at the fan leaf.
  5. What do you mean?

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  6. Are you fuckin serious? Did you really think i was talking about the strain?

    Thats deimos. Im talking about the soil was bought from a local garden center and may have a lot of miracle grow and burnin the leaves.... im new and cant tell burns or defs

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       The tips of your fans pointing up along with the yellowing that becomes brown spots tells me you have deficiency, not nute burn. Magnesium would be my guess. nute burn will start at the tips and work towards the stem, burning like a joint. The only times I have seen burns in spots like this is with misting/foliar feed.
       Are you testing your ph of run off water? improper ph levels are one of most common issues new growers face. How large is the container your plants are in?
  8. They are in 3 gallon pots... the ph tester i got was the wrong one.... ph strips shows colors and only goes down to 6.5.. ordered an electric one from amazon yesterday

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  9. Looks like phosphate deficancy. I just had a problem with this. I mixed 1 cup hydrgogen peroxide with 1 gallon distilled water . I noticed a huge difference within a couple of days. If it is a phosphate def. be quick about remedy, it is a quick killer. Jmo......
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    If it is a ph issue, which I think it is, then you will show multiple deficiencies. mine usually starts with Cal/MG and N , just like yours. I occasionally get a little purple, that might just be genetic. Don't add anything extra until you get a proper reading. The nutrients won't be able to uptake and will build in your soil, if not at the proper ph level. My runoff sits between 6.0 and 6.5 and I never have issues. I run up to 6.5 so that magnesium will stay open for intake. Feed is 6.5, flush is 6.0; cycle is feed, feed, flush. this is a weeks watering. My feed is no more than half dose in soil.

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