Pretty akward...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Silver_Haze420, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. So today i was really blazed, and i was hanging out with a buddy of mine and we go to his house and i totally expect to chill when i was there, we did, then we played some pool and when we walked through his kitchen to play some pool, i see his dad and he's in a wheelchair... im like WHAT THE FUCK MAN!! (In my head obviously) and i totally didnt know how to act because he watched us the whole pool game and i just didnt know how to act because i could walk and he couldnt... i felt like an ass cause sometimes when i got a wicked shot in the pocket, i would jump and all i would think of is if he is jealeous that i can jump and he cannot... so it was a pretty trippy time for me man... so ya, peace out, and keep tokin:smoke:
  2. Sometimes I overanalyze stuff when im high and I will get all paraniod and uncomfertable. It probably wasnt as weird as you thought it was
  3. yea dude, im sure the acceptance of paraplegism has sunk into his dad.

    its not your fault he cant walk, enjoy your full health while you can man.
  4. ya i suppose... i also zone out on shit, mostly people i think are really trippy when im high... and i almost got into a fight once because i was looking at the guy like this :devious: , it was a pretty insane day

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