PRETTTY gOOD? Or not really?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by slope420jo, May 29, 2008.

  1. looks fine to me what 4-5 days old?
  2. congrats on the kids b!

    ps. i wouldnt post my myspace if i were you..

  3. LOl good idea

  4. yeah like 4 days

    They seemed a lil dry today so i gave them a couple squirts from a spray bottle, good idea?
  5. im guessing when the soil is dry it means its time to water =]
  6. Youve got a few non no's and lack of information.

    Clear pots are a no no, burring the plant deep down is a no no.
    What type of soil are you using?
    How often are you watering?
  7. Make sure your containers have some holes cut in the bottom for drainage if they don't already.
  8. din't know about the clear pots :( i buried them like a quarter inch down
    some plant soil i'm not sure.... my mom uses it for her flowers and shiet
    Today was the first time I watered.... the soil seemed pretty wet the days before, TOday was the first day the soil was dry...

    THanx for the help man

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