Pretrial Diversion Program

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I was caught recently (Oct 2nd), I got a lawyer and was placed on a Pretrial Diversion Program for 12 months in Indiana. I was charged with possession of marijuana (5.5g) and paraphernalia. I was a heavy smoker for about a year and half, burning several times a day. Obviously I don't want to stop, but I have been clean for the last week and a half. With all the holidays coming up I'll spending a lot of time with my buds (they all smoke too) and I'll have a lot of free time, I would love to light up again. However, I have had to pay a lot of fines, do some community service and have one 4 hr drug class. The drug class organization are the ones who are going to drug screen me. I've been in once to turn in my paperwork the day I enrolled in the program and they drug screened me when I went in and I tested positive (this didn't matter however because the lady said 'we can't do anything about what you did prior to enrolling in the program, we're moving forward from here') I've contacted the agency and said they will call me down when they will screen me again and I'll have the entire day to come in (however, it will be completely random). From what I gathered it will be a screen rather than testing (they simply sent me in to a restroom with privacy and then dipped a tester in to my cup). Obviously I want to continue smoking, and I know the simple solution would be to continue remaining clean. I was just wondering if anybody here had any input on this subject? How easy is it to fool these screens? Do you all think that smoking lightly then consuming a large (but safe) amount of water will allow me to pass? According to my lawyer, typically no more than two screens will be run. Also, I am 6'0" roughly 155 lbs with what I consider a very fast metabolism.

    Thanks in advance to those who respond!
  2. There is detox drinks that you can get at head shops and also fake pee kits in one headshop in my area according to my friend. If you have total privacy you might want to try the fake pee method. That you mix a powder with water or something? I don't know because I don't have much experience in the field of drug tests, but the fake pee or the detox drinks would most likely work. There's information everywhere on this forum and on the internet in general about drug tests, how to pass, etc. Do what you gotta do and just make sure you don't get caught ha
  3. I'm on diversion and I drink jello liquid jello.. passed everytime.
  4. How often do you smoke? And could you give me more info about this liquid jello?
  5. Op, if I were you I wouldn't risk it. You're in a diversion program and obviously they're gonna test you again, why risk it for a few good times you won't remember? You don't wanna mess up your life is what I'm saying.. just think about it.
  6. [quote name='"mike9292"']

    How often do you smoke? And could you give me more info about this liquid jello?[/quote]

    You're def gunna have to cut back on smoking probably only smoke like once-twice a week, less if that. Just buy some jello, get a water bottle and pour some of the mix in and shake hen drink. I normally drink it the day I know I have a tes and it still works..the gelitan holds the shit in your stomach for a few hours
  7. When I was on pti I took two piss tests but I got to pick when. The first time they just had me lift my pant cuffs and empty my pockets. The second guy didn't even give a fuck (he ran his office out of an apartment lol) you could probably easily sneak someone else piss.

    I recommend synthetic cannabis. It's what helped me

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