Pretend Im 5 years old and explain super cropping

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  1. I have scoured forum after forum trying to understand exactly what super cropping does and why it does it. There are so many opinions out there.  Please pretend like I am a little kid and explain what super cropping does to the cannabis plant. Thanks guys!!

  2. Picture strong winds on your outdoor cannabis plants.So strong that it might barely break a branch.  Not fully broken off, but bent over and ALMOST snapped.
    Now the plant will heal itself and grow a big knuckle over the broken area providing extra support.  It is said it makes buds bigger but I have no clue.  I half-assedly did it on a couple branches and didn't notice any difference.
    Some also use it to manage their canopy level.
  3. The plant then uses energy to heal itself opposed to make bud or grow, but justifiable when it's to bend a leaf to a diff spot to allow light to penetrate a bud site I think

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  4. I've never liked super cropping or topping.

    IMO, you get the same thing from low stress training, and you're not stressing out your plant.
  5. Pretend your a grown ass human and do some freaking research?
  6. I would never discuss marijuana to anyone under 18 let alone 5.
  7. Super cropping is only really useful when a branch is getting too close to the light and its gonna burn... or when you are trying to hide  16 ft plants behind other shrubbery.
  8. kind of figured that much. I know it as a saying long before reedit came around
  9. pinch a branch that you want to shape until it crushes. You can twist or move it to the desired growth direction. Expect the bud sites below the pinch to grow faster than the others.
    Also the pinched spot will mend in a couple days with a big fat knot. similar to the way broken bones heal stronger than the surrounding bone in a human body. do not do a single branch more than twice because it is quite stressful on the plant. It is a useful technique but most people screw it up or get impatient with it.
    Even if you happen to snap the branch you can use plant wire or tape to hold the stem section in place until it heals, expect that to take 72-96 hours to heal.

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