Pressure to do other drugs..

Discussion in 'General' started by FiveonIt34, May 22, 2006.

  1. at first i was gonna say something mean, but then i saw youre from the deep south, so i forgive you.
  2. i utilize my public education in my struggle against "the man". so yea, you could go that route. im freeing myself through hard work.
  3. Thanks for the congrads- but i am already in college. i am a junior this year. AND I go to a final four school!!

    After a few tries and making Deans List- finnnalllyy got Presidential Scholar. (haha... I can gloat cause in high school... yea. i graduated with a i have a 3.8. ACTUALLY I can make the argument that smoking HELPED me focus.. cause I didnt smoke in awsome is that!?!)

    To the topic: everyone agrees- its cool to stand up for yourself. BE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!!
    you dont wanna be like that squished girl on tv...

    'Pressure happened'

    Cause then you'd be squished and NO ONE would like you :hello::hello::smoking:
  4. no, that's the yalees....;)
  5. Not to hate... but honestly.

    You need to free yourself from your conspiritorial thoughts about "the man". If you dont think that getting into harvard is a "spectacular accomplishment", then i think you have a very skewed view of reality. Regardless if its "your thing" or not, it takes a fuckload of work to get into any ivy league school.. or any university for that matter.

    Which brings me to my next point. Fuck public education? harvard is a private institution.:rolleyes:

    And if you look at the salaries that harvard graduates get?
    Even straight out of school, its high as hell. what does that mean? it means they will be more self sufficient, pay more money to the govt in taxes (note i'm not talking about % here. just the amount) than the lower or middle classes, and are more likely to give back to society rather than be a drain on it.

    SO... enough w/ the hating. Back on topic.

    As far as the "pressure to do other drugs" goes.. a little self respect and self control goes a long way.

  6. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    + rep baby.
  7. How bout "no".
  8. Damn. That gives me two options:

    1) Be a bitch and deny everything.

    2) Admit I wasn't 100% on top of thing with my post.

    I think I'll have to go with option 2.

    Although, just because it's a private institution... doesn't mean much. The government can be entirely in control of every single word that's spoken there, irregardless.

    My view of reality isn't skewed, just because yours is framed and mounted.

    Getting into an Ivy League school isn't amazing by means. All it means is that you worked really hard. Millions of people work REALLY hard everyday without any recognition. Anything is possible with some really hard work.

    Ultimately, a harvard graduate can be considered the lesser of two evils. It's just that I don't believe they're any kind demi-gods as they are seen by the lower-class.

    P.S. - Money is a short-term solution. Too bad you find it to be the "ultimate answer" to everything and everyone.
  9. Please point out where i said that money was the "ultimate answer" as you so clearly quoted.
    Money was just one of the elements of my argument. I then went on to explain the very basic elements that a comfortable salary affords an individual in this country. I'm sorry if i didnt go as in-depth as you would have liked. I seem to recall saying something about self-respect and self-control as important things as well.

    I get what you're trying to say, but you're demonizing the wrong people.

    You resent the "man's system" while most people live within the system and learn it in order to make the system their bitch. It doesnt matter what you consider to be the ideal form of success. People get there by playing by the rules and working hard.

    Ps: my version of reality is through bloodshot eyes.
  10. 1. irregardless is not a word.

    2. have you ever taken a college class? these are the professor's ideas and thoughts. at most good universities, these professors have written books about their subjects. their lectures are created by themselves alone. uncle sam doesnt control what they teach...especially at private institutions.
  11. So... you're not framed by the man because you're lazy?? :confused:

    I'm lost sir
  12. You should just tell your friends its not for you, and be sorta dismisive about it. I'm not sure though, I'm lucky enough to have some of the best frieds ever. Although my friends had always hoped I would start smoking they NEVER pressured me into doing, or even asked. When I had decided that I would they actually almost didnt let me. They wanted to make sure that I absolutely wanted to smoke because I wanted to, not because they said something. That event deffinetly ranks at the top of my most eventful/important events in my life. Prior to that I always sorta assumed the sterotype about stoner, though just a little. I also believed the rumers about peer pressuring. After that all my miss-conceptions went out the window. I was floored at the time at I am still floored everytime I think about it. Ever since then I've been smoking reguraly and have learned so much about the lifestyle and effects of pot; namely that it isnt bad for you in any way, except the little harm to your lungs. I wish everyone could have friends like that.
  13. just say no. how hard is that? just be like na imma roll up a fatty instead.

  14. Oh god, thank you. I really didn't mean to demonize anyone but ever since I went on my last huge acid binge I've had trouble explaining my thoughts. Like in my head it's all in order but when it goes into text it always gets all shuffled and it's so frusterating. And I know I say somethings that are a little flawed sometimes when I try to get my message across, I'm really glad you got my point though.

    That's what you have to look at in my posts... usually no matter how long my post is it can all be summarized in a sentence or two but I'm having serious trouble communicating with people.

    I hope you all understand. I'm not as much of an asshole as I seem, I promise!

    Atleast... I don't think I am. Maybe I am and I just don't realize it. Hmmm...

    1. There are many words in the english language. 100 years ago there were alot less than there are today. You wonder... dear god, where did all these extra words come from. But the truth is, they were invented. Just like irregardless, at some point, somewhere, someone decided to start using this "new" word and eventually it merged into acceptance and became part of the english language. So, sure, it may not technically be a "real" word by now. But what is "real"... noooobody knows!!! Heehee...

    2. Yes yes... this can all be said. But... there's no proof. For all we know they could be robots... programmed by the government to give us the image of being errr you know... free, whatever. Idk. I'm not saying that Uncle Sam controls them... but it's plenty possible. Because think, if they did... why would the government let us know? Yeah... the mind control is eeeverywhere. Maybe the professors were at one point free beings but THEN!!! The government caught up with them and totally brain wash the shit out of them to include subliminal messages in their lectures. OOOOooooOOOOOoooo... yeah, I know I'm done.

    I'm sorry if I've said some stupid stuff... but the truth is... I'm just a silly stoner with a wandering mind that's done too many drugs. I'm not here to bash anyone's stuff and I realize I've dug myself into this argument a liiiittle too deep. So with this... I officially am applying for a pardon. Can I do that?
  15. Haha aww man... who the hell is gonna read allllll that ^^^^^???
  16. i did!! I read it all.....

    ...i also dont have much else to do at 148 AM when I cant go to slee.

    heheehe and the official pardon giver is poke him to wake him up but then hed be cranky and Id be the one whod hafta deal with it. :D Although I could think of some fun ways to do it :yay::yay:

    *sorry this is off topic...

    heres my two cents for the thread once again...

    i still say.. SAY NO.....

    When you do talk to your friends and say no.. tell us how it goes *
  17. muy friend offers me coke evrytime we smoke and i just say no, like dare says just say no to drugs kids, that easy
  18. Water under the bridge my friend. I dont think anyone here thinks your an asshole by any means. It sucks when you know what you're trying to say, yet when the words appear on the screen they dont get the correct message across.


    I dont want to continue the thread hijack any more than its already been done.

    Remember kids, just say no to drugs.:wave:
  19. Don't let them destory the person who you are. You smoked Marijuana because you wanted to see change. If you succumb to drugs that you either don't want to do, or drugs that simply don't interest you, then you surely won't enjoy said drugs. You enjoy Marijuana because you wanted to try it on your own terms.

    Don't worry, I'm the same way.

    Although, LSD is really fun.
  20. wtf? where the hell is you personality? just say no.

    If you, someday, get addicted to these other drugs, your "friends" won´t give a fuck trust me.....

    Btw... was MJ your first expierence?

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